Nclex Questions

  1. I have a question what type of questions are considered higher level NCLEX questions? no specifics please just a general idea i.e. prioritizing?
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  3. by   ohmeowzer RN
    i heard check all that apply were high level and and the delagation and priortizing , i had alot of these and passed w/ 75 questions..
  4. by   EricJRN
    Prioritizing and select-all-that-apply questions are often thought to be higher-level questions. It's tough to make any determinations from that though, because the difficulty level of an individual question is determined by how many people got the question right or wrong when it was being pretested as an unscored question.
  5. by   babylandonwick
    This is where I am confused because I was told by an NCLEX review course instructor that prioritizing/delegation questions were high difficulty questions as well as you must stay 60 above the set line without going below it and nothing was ever mentioned about the computer just determining whether you pass or fail at 75 questions or moving on if not sure. I was told it was strictly 60 questions above the line. So according to that theory, no one should fail if the computer turns off at 75. There is just a lot of misleading with every person that you discuss things with.