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Hello Everyone, I discovered this site during my last semester of nursing school and it has been really nice to read about others' thoughts and experiences. It especially helped me to determine,... Read More

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    Quote from KimberlyT
    I passed!!!!! They told me results wouldn't be posted at the board of nursing until 48 hours afterward, but I was feeling neurotic this morning so I looked it up after less than 24 hours anyway -- and it said I PASSED!!!! I'm an RN!!!

    What a miracle! All last night I was worn out and teary. I woke up this morning at 5am. I was sure Tuesday would be the longest day of my life!! Bless the people at the BON for not making me suffer any longer than necessary! I ran around looking for the cordless phone to call my parents -- but then I stopped to thank God for putting me in nursing school and for seeing me through. After 17 years in law firms, I had never considered nursing. I had never even taken a science class (I was an English major in college). But now I am so excited to be embarking on a new career that I might actually be good at!
    CONGO RATS!! :hatparty: