NCLEX PN tomm at 10:30 am!! OMG!!! i hope i can sleep tonight - page 6

yep! u read it! its finally here and im feeling sooo anxious inside. again, from my previous posts, ive been out of school for a year now. My dumb mistake!! I was burnt out, my fiance and i bought a... Read More

  1. by   msmack
    Can some one send me the link to nclex3000 thanx
  2. by   ctbui
    What is the study guide everyone is talking about? I'm taking my nclex pn in a couple of days, can someone please send it to me? Thanks a tons!
  3. by   mzcoop22
  4. by   Karrysabb
    can you send me a copy of the study guide too please. thanks so much
  5. by   jessicacoop
    I keep hearing about this study guide and nclex 3000 can someone please send the info I take my boards in feb thank you
  6. by   teeks
    Quote from drugirl
    Hi I will be taking nclex Feb7th! I also want to get the helpful study guide that every one is talking about here too! Can anyone please email me the study guide please! Greatly appreciated ! my email is Thank you so much!!!
    Hi glad to help u in this if u need an good NECLEX model nd book questions try to download from apps store you hav lot of free apps and really help u a lot...all the best!!!!