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    Just took my NCLEX PN for a third and final time. Honestly this will be a positive response to people who design the test and students across the nation whom endure this mind racking exam. For those of you who have yet taken this examination you will pass and begin a career of hope, love, and caring for the patients that depend on you.

    My story is like all others who dream for that day they accomplish a well earned life in the med field. Although I will not pursue a life in nursing I will continue the dream of helping others. Nurses across the land have endured years of hard work, sacrificed fun, and time away from loved ones to become an assistant to Gods healing miracles. They put patients before themselves to return dads, moms, daughters, sons, and friends back in the arms of love and missed families. Nurses are just that, Gods assistant who he entrust with power of healing and comfort.

    So who truly decides which person will be or won't be a nurse? The organizations, Government, or the professors? How many people will you have to go through before, during and after to qualify as a nurse? Greed is not the answer nor the route which seems right. Placing a tag on what is or isn't a nurse should be left to the authoritative figures who trained you not a bureaucrat who determines what a nurse should be or shouldn't be. This system is broken not because I failed but by taking a system that worked and fixing it not to work for the patients or nurses but to regulate a field which provides true love and sacrifices to witness the reward of Gods hand.

    I know in conclusion nursing is not in my future. I have been called for many different things in life an have the ability to know when and when not to continue or pursue a field in which I was not intended to do. I hold my self accountable for not passing the exam. It was not the man behind the desk who decided I was going to fail but my own neglect and struggles to become something I was not. In an effort to help others I say, know your nursing process, Maslow, concepts, and brief through everything you know about safety in the care of clients. I have had countless of days and sleepless nights since my graduation in order to pass this horrifying exam. To no avail I failed once, twice, and a third time with no clue to why I failed. Now I realize it was not Gods will. As a believer in Jesus my Lord an Savior, I fasted, prayed, sacrificed, and cried for days to let His will be done. It is finished and thank all the people on this blog for their encouragements and help in guiding me to material that was used with gratitude. Thank you and I pray for all those who are about to take this exam.
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    My reason for this topic was hope for a change in the system. If I was lead to make a difference you bet the bottom dollar I would tackle this exam first and return it to where it belongs, in the professors hand not the governments.
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    I would give you my material at no cost but I have collected enough to set up a personal medical library that I want to keep for future references. I love reading the material gained through the years in school and hope one day to return.

    On a personal note, as my instructors and family has accounted that there was no way I could have failed this exam unless there was some spiritual reason. I know the test like the back of my hand and will tell you that Kaplan, NCSBN, Saunders, and Exam Cram are all you need to pass. Everything else branches from these review courses. Kaplan is great for explaining how to look at the questions and recognize what the questions ask.
    NCSBN is good for reviewing all subjects by bullet points.
    Saunders is good for subject break down and answering questions by subject.
    Exam Cram is the closest I've seen to the actual exam, if you score high on their practice exams you will come close to that same score on the NCLEX.

    I wish I could tell you what questions you will encounter but I do not want to get into trouble with the counsel state boards for sharing info. They hold true to watching you.
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    @ allabtu..dont give up,just start all over again.maybe try to use some other resources.i took my exam last month and honestly the only book that I used was kaplan strategies and nclex pn exam prep.for me it was easy to understand.I graduated 8yrs.ago and took pn exam first time and can do it.have faith.
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    Dexapn that's awesome!!! I graduated 2 yrs ago so I have anxiety -.-
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    Could you share your materials with me? I will be taking NCLEX in 2 weeks.