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So does this mean I likely failed it? The first 100 questions were a horrible experience. I was so sleep deprived that my eyes kept closing on me and I couldn't concentrate on a single question. Am I... Read More

  1. by   jcollins190
    congrat to those who have passed i can truely sympathize how everyone has felt. i to just took my boards yesterday and i feel like that was the worst test i have ever taken. the quetions kept getting harder and harder and then they threw in a easy ?. I had all 205 ?'s so wish me luck
  2. by   Kcorso10
    I took my NCLEX today as well... I am totally freaking out because i got all 205 questions... all of my classmates have only had 85 questions and they all have passed it...
    My test was mostly on pharmacology (which i am horrible at) and which pt would you see first situations... I feel like i done terrible and then i keep reading on the internet that most of everyone who has had 205 has passed so im all torn up about it... .i finished school aug 25th and havent been able to study since because i work at a call center right now basically all day. Any words of encouragement?
  3. by   caliotter3
    Good luck Kcorso10.
  4. by   geniespice
    i got 205 and had only 30 mins left in my test and i found out two days ago that i passed!! prayer is a powerful thing GOD is good
  5. by   Zakiya
    Hi every one, I have been adivced to take Nclex pn, actually I am NICU nurse, I finished specialized Diploma in this field, but I have no Idea about Nclex pn, I got short time to study, but I dont have the books or any body to guid me. could any one help me.
  6. by   LilNurse04
    i just took my nclex-pn yesterday (7-7-11) and got 205 questions. it was really hard!!! i kinda freaked out, but my friend took it last month and got 205 and passed. according to the below... i passed... we'll see when my letter comes! good luck nurses!

    1) go to
    2) select the 'test taker services' tab at the top.
    3) click 'register' on the right side.
    4) click the 'credit card' link.
    5) click the 'sign in' link in the second sentence.
    6) enter your username.
    7) enter your password.
    8) click the <sign in> button.
    9) click 'register' on the left side.
    10) select your test type.
    11) click the <next> button.
    12) select your country.
    13) click the <next> button.
    14) answer the yes/no questions.
    15) select your country again.
    16) select your state.
    17) type in your city.
    18) click the <search> button. a list of schools should appear.
    19) select your school.
    20) select the month and year of your graduation.
    21) select your board of nursing.
    22) click the <next> button.

    very important: at this point, if you get a pop up that says 'the candidate currently has test results that are on hold. a new registration cannot be created at this time.', it has nothing to do with passing or failing; it just means that they are reviewing your records due to random reviews that they conduct, or because they needed to locate some data or papers, etc. this means you will possibly have to wait a few more days than your friends who did not get this message. if you get the message 'our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. please contact your member board for further assistance. another registration cannot be made at this time.', that means you passed. if you do not get either message and go straight to the credit card information page, that means you did not pass.

    your pearsonvue account must state that delivery is successful before you try the trick
  7. by   totalpatientcare
    I just took The Nclex Pn Test For the 2nd Time Tuesday. The First Time I failed at 196 questions and ran out of Time then the Second Time Im thinking I failed because I did the pearsonvue Trick and it took me to the credit card site to pay again. So Im just feeling very down right Now... I work 8 hrs a day Mon-Fri So its hard for me to study for long periods of Time.. I graduated at the end of JAnuary and took the test my first time in MArch then this July again.. I dont know where to go from here.... So Sad..
  8. by   aerofan19
    I just took mine Saturday and got 205 questions, alot of prioritizing and which patient would you see first, SATA..NOT one drug calculation, i tried the pearsonvue trick and it takes me to credit card payment, so I guess I failed! I studied like it was my job and nothing I studied was on that test! I am the first in my class to fail and was a very good student through our program..I am at a loss...Has anyone tried the Kaplan study book?