1. Hello all,

    I have a couple of questions that I know you guys will be able to help me out with. How many questions are on the NCLEX PN and how much time is allowed? One more question why does the computer shut off before people complete the entire test way before there alloted time is up? Thanks in advance for the answers.
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  3. by   LaTonyaThomas
    Hello all,

    I found the answers to the questions that I had on yesterday. An individual can be given between 75 and 265 questions on the nclex and the test is six hrs. long, but you can get finish way before the alloted time. Also if you the test taker keep getting the same type of questions it could mean that the NCSBN is testing those types of questions or it could mean the individual keeps getting the questions incorrect. I hope that information was of some help.
  4. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    Hi, you have incorrect information. On the NCLEX PN, a candidate can be given between 85 and 205 questions. A candidate is given questions based on that specific person's competency. It is a 'computer adaptive test', so this basically means, when the computers feels as if the candidate's competency has been successfully analyzed, pass or fail, the computer will stop giving questions, but not before the minimum amount of questions have been answered. A candidate has 5 hours to complete the test, but it does not mean it will take 5 hours to complete the test. The information you gave is true for the NCLEX-RN.
  5. by   LaTonyaThomas
    Hi LeeLee,

    I apologize for misinforming everyone.
  6. by   DJAYS
    Hello Everyone!!!!
    I finally gotten done with all my exit test for my PN classes. Now on to the boards for the nclex-pn test. What I wanted to know if anybody has done the Kaplan review classes. It's been a while since I finish and I really don't want to fail this test. I had several friends whom say it wasn't hard for them, then I have others whom had a very hard time passing they had all 206 questions. For me I want to take the test before the end of the year. But I am finding out is VERY HARD to study. I want to get the right books, review stuff but there is so much out there. I am a person who has to see it over and over again to get . I want to be become a nurse so bad I just wish I could find the right stuff to study. Does anybody think Kaplan is worth the money it cost for the review.
    Thank you
  7. by   doreenstarr1
    My clinical instructor said it worth the $$..her daughter failed her NCLEX RN and she purchased the Kaplan review for her and she passed and is now an RN..I have asked all my instructors and the have said the same thing it's worth it.

    Good Luck!!
    Keep us informed!
  8. by   Mrsladysoul83
    I dont know about kaplan b/c i didnt use it. I did the ncsbn 3 week $50 course(they are the 1's who write the nclex), exam cram pn, nclex pn 3000 & saunder's & i passed mine last saturday with 85 questions. I studied for about a month & a half. I graduated aug 6 & tested sept 7. The more questions you do the better u get. I did about 100-150 questions a day YES EVERYDAY! School prepared you so basically you just reviewing. U GOT IT! Happy studies NURSE