NCLEX-PN: 85 questions AND failed! - page 2

I don't understand how this happened. I thought my test was easy as pie. My computer shut off at 85 questions. I paid for my quick results service just now and my status is listed as "failed". I... Read More

  1. by   89**11
    I am indeed sorry to hear that. My test stopped at 85 as well and I just knew I failed and I passed thank god. I took a great nclex review class a month before and reviewed the notes I took from the class as well as went over all the norms so I would recognize the ab-normals. I reviewed all the formulas I learned and when I went in that was the first thing I did before I started my exam wrote down my formulas. The night before I did not do a thing I relaxed and prayed and got plenty of rest. I woke up early that morning ate a great breakfast. I went to my fav spot to relax and fed the ducks and went to the exam with not one care in the world. When I left my armpits was soaked and I was trembling. The thing is relax you know it you wouldn't have gotten through nursing school if you didn't know something. As well as pray good luck and god bless. You can do it I took my nclex exam 9/16/09 I will never forget.