NCLEX-New Format ?s - page 2

hey everyone. i've heard alot about the nclex and its material...but i was curious, have they really started using new format questions? example: fill in the blanks, diagrams and charts,... Read More

  1. by   theblondeaggie
    thanks for all your posts everyone! hopefully i'll do as good as everyone here has done. i do have the lippincott 250 new format questions and yes, i would recommend it to anyone along with the saunders i'm already reviewing. it has nothing but the new types of questions and i'm already feeling more comfortable with the 'select all that apply'. do you know how those are graded? is there any partial credit since there's not an exact 'grade' on nclex? i wonder if you get any credit if you get, let's say, 2 of the 3 choices they were looking for. hmmm.....well thanks again to everyone's posts!! look for a post at the beginning of oct. for me. hopefully it'll read i passed!!
  2. by   EricJRN
    No partial credit for the select all that apply, unfortunately. They are thought, however, to represent high-level questions.
  3. by   theblondeaggie
    good to know...thanks!