NCLEX in TWO weeks!

  1. Hey everyone! I'm new to but it sounds like everyone here will be able to help me!
    I take the NCLEX-RN in two weeks. Currenlty I'm doing the QBank questions on Kaplan and I have my Kaplan review course coming up but the questions on Kaplan seem to be impossible. I can't really use Maslow to answer some questions and sometimes ABC's don't work either.
    On the Saunder's Review book and on the Mosby's review Cards I am doing great!
    Can anyone tell me how the actual NCLEX compares in difficulty to Kaplan, Saunders and Mosby's "Review Cards"?
    Thank you soooo very much-I'm a little frightened b/c I am an honors student and seem to just be failing the practice exams:uhoh21:
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  3. by   dijaqrn
    You will do just fine. The NCLEX questions are more like Kaplan. Just use your critical thinking skills and common sense. Don't overstudy! If you are an honors student you're probably great on content so focus on how to answer the questions(Kaplan). Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!
    and I can't stress enough that everone should check out the NCSBN online review. If you can get a review from the folks who write the test doesn't it make sense to use it??????????????????????????
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