NCLEX in 75 questions - KNEW NOTHING. This should give you some peace of mind <3

  1. Hello, all! So I'm writing this as a FRESHLY licensed RN If you told me I would be saying that a few hours ago, I wouldn't believe you for a second. So my nursing story goes as everyone else's goes. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life once college hit so I just picked a random major and rolled with it. Fast forward to 22 and I had no clue, still, what I wanted to do with my life. I decided to pursue nursing. I attended a private medical college and it was just as torturous as they tell ya.. Haha. I was a good student, A's and B's. Then once graduation hit, it was time for the beast of an exam.. The NCLEX. I bought UWorld in mid july and I bought the three month one with the two self-assessments included. I graduated on August 24, 2018. I didn't really get serious about UWorld until the middle of september. I would study for maybe 2-3 hours a day and take about 75-150 questions a day until I scheduled my exam for October 10, 2018. the final week before the NCLEX i upped my studying to 200 questions a day and i took October 9th off to relax, watch a movie, and just enjoy life before the exam in the morning. The morning of the NCLEX was a blur. I prepared all of my snacks at night time so I was ready to go in the morning for my 8 am exam. I would highly recommend getting there at least 40 minutes early as they have to scan you, check ID's, read you instructions, and prep you for the exam itself. I wouldn't bring your phone either as they make you put it in a plastic bag and its just even more of a hassle for them and for you. you lock your belongings in a locker and they palm scan you to get in the room to test. Once I began my test, I was in for a surprise. I knew NOTHING. My mind completely blanked, all I could hear was my heart pounding in my ears, and I just froze once the questions appeared. The questions I thought I would know the answer to had very obscure and vague answers and I had a very hard time discriminating between the right answer. I guessed on about 90% of the exam, and that is not an exaggeration (i really wish it was). Around question 50, I thought, "alright, i'm prepared to fail and I'm prepared for the test to shut me off at 75 because i am literally bombing every single question here. There is not a change they're going to let me continue." After 25 more torturous questions that included meds I have never heard of and might as well have been written in another language, SATA that i completely guessed on, and words with 16 letters in them that i have never heard of in my life, my exam sure enough shut off at 75 questions. I didn't take a single break and at the end of my 75 questions, my world went spinning. I think I was confident on 1, maybe 2 questions MAX. The exam took me about an hour and 50 minutes total. I felt like throwing up, crying, screaming, hiding, and flipping my desk all at the same time. My hands were shaking so terribly that I had a hard time grabbing my ID back from the proctor. I went to my locker to grab my belongings and couldn't even say goodbye to the man at the desk because I couldn't see him through my tears. I got into my car and sobbed. I sobbed until I got home, and I laid in bed and sobbed some more. Once I was done having a pity party for myself, I adopted a new mindset and was determined to pass my next round. I was so convinced that I had failed that I texted my instructor and asked when we could set up a tutoring session so that I could knock the next NCLEX out of the park because surely I had failed this one. The rest of the day was a nightmare. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, and I couldn't focus on anything but reading threads on allnurses to see if anyone had felt the same way as me. I decided to not attempt the PVT as it would just make me more upset because i was absolutely positive that I had failed. I just cried in my bed from 11am until 11pm. I went to sleep and checked the AZBON website as soon as I woke up and still, nothing. I returned to my bed to attempt to watch a movie and distract my mind from it for a little while. Around 11 am, I decided to check the nursing site and my email one more time because I was ready to receive my CRP and begin the trek to NCLEX round 2. When I checked, I saw an active license number and I was notified that i had PASSED the exam! I was beside myself and I had to refresh the page 5 times to believe that it was really happening, I am really a nurse. 6 years (3 years of prereqs and 3 years of nursing school) and a test that I had no idea what even happened during, and I did it! I am an RN. I cannot believe I am saying this right now. I just wanted to write this to those of you that are like me, crying in your room about how you failed, how you knew NOTHING on the exam, how you feel like a failure, how you were completely caught off guard, and how you wish they would have given you just 10 more questions to prove your worth. You probably didn't do as terribly as you think, keep your head up, that license number WILL appear (whether you pass your 1st time or 18th time). You have made it this far for a reason, you're smarter than you give yourself credit for, and you DO deserve that title. Have faith in yourself and trust the process. If I can pass and guess on 90% of the 75 questions I was given, you can too
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
  4. by   gwenzilla
    congrats congrats! It also took me a while to get into the niche of nursing. Taking mine next week!
  5. by   REFOCUSRNtobe
    Congrats OceanTide! All the hard work paid off. I'm taking my too next week. You're an inspiration and gave me hope.
    Yes! You right Have faith in yourself and trust the process. I need to REFOCUS and Overcome my Fear. Sending prayer for
    you Ms gwenzilla. I'm using Uworld as well x2 months and I have 131 question remaining. I'm in 55% and 53rd Percentile I'm not really sure
    if that borderline or high passing but I make sure to go back and read the rationale either I got it right and wrong. I don't really focus on the score coz it
    give me anxiety lol. Again Congratulation RN! You deserve it! I also want to have that RN after my Name. Nothing is impossible through HIM.
    Any last advice I do appreciate it. God bless...
  6. by   gwenzilla
    sending prayers to you as well! I have 800 or so questions left in my uworld and score in the 60s. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS!!
  7. by   JenMcV84
    You give me hope because that is exactly how I felt today. I couldn't remember my medication math questions and a simple mental health and condition question. The others were SATA so who knows..
  8. by   gwenzilla
    Keep us updated!!
  9. by   anishacatherine0891
    Congratss.!! it did give me some peace of mind. I have my exam in 11 days.. I am completely freaked out.. I am get assessment scores of 40% . Im not getting how to improve them. or if that is enough for passing