NCLEX help needed!!!!

  1. I just got my results back from my 2nd NCLEX attempt and I didn't pass! Both times the results came back with "near passing" in every category of the test. Someone, anyone tell me what to study to be successful at this exam. I took a prep class and have studied 4 different NCLEX books. I feel like such an idiot, but I know I'm not, so please give me any advise on what worked for you to get it right. I work full time, so the time I do have to study is somewhat limited,but they allow me to study at work on my down time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! D.G.
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  3. by   tflorn
    Im sorry to see that you did not pass and I know that you feel disappointed. I failed my 1st try in July. After I got myself together, I decided to try out Suzanne's study plan. Look at the top of the forum. She is a moderator on this site and also an instuctor. From what I have read people are passing after 4,5,6 attempts w/ her plan. I will be re-testing b4 the end of the year is out. Her plan is a simple one that only uses 1 book (and the CD in the back of the book). Saunders Comprehensive 3rd edition is it. Each time I study, I feel better and better about testing. She doesnt charge for it. Investigate this site for yourself and decide. Good luck 2 u and keep your head up no matter what. (This is for NCLEX-RN)

    p.s. She also has a 100% pass rate from students who have followed her plan as it was writtten.
  4. by   nursedee63
    Thanks, I'll check it out. The Saunders book is the one I was most recently studying from and I like it the best, so I'll stick with it and try her plan. Keep your fingers crossed and thanks again for the advice. D.G.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    sorry to hear you failed, don't give up and good luck
  6. by   boniesha2300
    suzzanes plan is not only for the RN program.... your giving out wrong information.................................
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Didn't notice that comment, thank you for pointing it out. Yes Suzanne's plan is for both PN and RN
  8. by   tflorn
    uh, who are you referring to?
    i am very much aware that her plan is not "only" for the rn program. there are 2 different books. a saunders for rn and is blue and the other is orange. why would a rn candidate wanna look in a lpn book and the opposite, thats silly. yes, there is a lot of the same info as far as content however, rn's follow the nursing process and part of it cant be delegated nor is it a part of an lpns " scope of practice". and there are more than likely questions pertaining to nursing process which are not in the lpn book im sure. you tell me since you know. thats why i put in parenthesis (rn). i was giving my opinion of suzannes plan (from my studying) from an rn candidate perspective if thats who the writer was because it was not mentioned in the post. i would not even respond to a post period without clarification if it pertained to lpn's cause i did the rn ask b4 you post, im not gonna post unless i know what im talking about! its up to the person that made the post to decide whether or not the information is beneficial to them or not. so go figure.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    It was mentioned because you in your first post of the thread posted in brackets (this is for NCLEX RN) maybe it wasn't what you meant but is how it came across.
  10. by   tflorn

    I responded to your post without knowing whether or not you were LPN or RN candidate. My opinion is from my studying from the Saunders 3rd edition for RN's (blue book) which is for the RN candidate. I cant give u any advice for the Saunders PN book cause I have never read it. There is a Saunders book for RN (blue) and PN (orange). If you are for RN, the blue book is great to study from along w/ Suzannes plan. I hope I did not confuse you, either way it goes, she (Suzanne) recommends Saunders only for study. Someone stated I gave out the "wrong info". Hope I did not confuse ya.
  11. by   nursedee63
    Thanks, I actually have the green book and it's for the RN NCLEX. That test is brutal!! I decided to keep on trying and I'm a positive person so that helps. I'm also very stubborn and I'm going to beat that blankety blank test if it's the last thing I do and I have to go bankrupt to do it, which is a very real possibility at this point. Thanks again for all the support on this site from everyone here. This is an awesome site and I'm really glad I found it!!! D.G.
  12. by   tflorn
    lol..u r funny. thats right. it might be brutal but nothing is to hard for god. oh yeah, ask suzanne, eric, or silverdragon about using the green book cause i read in another post suzanne wrote that one of those nclex books being several years old so i dont know if the content is still ok to use. again, ask one of them, cause we wanna make sure we pass this time. god bless you.