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Going to school for RN degree, married with 3 kids and really like to chat with people.

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  1. nursedee63

    "How Did You Prepare For Nclex?" Questions...

    I just got my license on March 24th after taking the NCLEX for the 3rd time. I was studying from the CD ROMs that came with my NCLEX-RN books and for me that was not working. I finally sat down with the Saunder's book,(I took it with me everywhere), and I did all of the questions in it and I believe that's what helped me pass. Also, if you are going through anything major in your life that is causing any stress, wait to take the test. I was too distracted with personal issues the first 2 times and that had some bearing on the outcome for me. Best of luck to all and don't give up!!!
  2. nursedee63

    How much is your pay?

    I'm a new RN and I make 22.00/hr working in N Dakota but I live in a small town in Minnesota. I could probably make more, but I work in Psych and love :heartbeatmy job and love where I work, so the money isn't relly my priority. Besides, if I make too much it will mean I have to pay more in taxes. Who wants to do that?!!! :no:Oh, and my employer pays my student loan payments while I'm employed with them, so that's worth at least 2.00/hr more and since I don't have to deal with the worry of making that payment every month, I bought a new car. I think you have to consider the whole package, but most of all, be happy with your job.:)
  3. nursedee63

    should i just give up?

    Never give up on your dreams. Try getting a tutor for the classes you need help in or find someone in your class that does well and ask them to help you study. Sometimes it's just a matter of knowing how and what to study. I always seemed to study all the stuff that wasn't on the test. You may even want to ask your teachers if they have any suggestions for you to prepare more effectively since they know what will be on the tests. Good luck kid and don't give up!
  4. nursedee63

    NCLEX help needed!!!!

    Thanks, I actually have the green book and it's for the RN NCLEX. That test is brutal!! I decided to keep on trying and I'm a positive person so that helps. I'm also very stubborn and I'm going to beat that blankety blank test if it's the last thing I do and I have to go bankrupt to do it, which is a very real possibility at this point. Thanks again for all the support on this site from everyone here. This is an awesome site and I'm really glad I found it!!! D.G.
  5. nursedee63

    NCLEX help needed!!!!

    Thanks, I'll check it out. The Saunders book is the one I was most recently studying from and I like it the best, so I'll stick with it and try her plan. Keep your fingers crossed and thanks again for the advice. D.G.
  6. nursedee63

    NCLEX help needed!!!!

    I just got my results back from my 2nd NCLEX attempt and I didn't pass! Both times the results came back with "near passing" in every category of the test. Someone, anyone tell me what to study to be successful at this exam. I took a prep class and have studied 4 different NCLEX books. I feel like such an idiot, but I know I'm not, so please give me any advise on what worked for you to get it right. I work full time, so the time I do have to study is somewhat limited,but they allow me to study at work on my down time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! D.G.
  7. nursedee63

    I FAILED, once again.

    Thank, I thought Saunders looked like the best option too. I'll get right on the studying.
  8. nursedee63

    NCLEX-RN passed with 265 questions!

    What did you find was the best book to study from? I have 4 books and I failed the test once and I'm kind of freaking out about studying the right stuff. Any avice would be great.
  9. nursedee63

    NCLEX-RN passed with 265 questions!

    Great job on the test!! Can you tell me what you used to study? I have many different books and they all seem to have very good content, but I have to take the test for the 2nd time soon. I want to use my study time the best I can and not waste time on books that won't be helpful. Thanks!
  10. nursedee63

    I FAILED, once again.

    ;)First of all. you are not a loser!!! I failed the stupid thing too and am waiting to take it again. It was a horrible test and I know lots of people who failed it. Just tell yourself that you can do it and you will. I know how frustrating it can be and I have no desire to study now. If anyone out there has any advice about the best book to study from, or something that helped you, please let us all know?!!! Hang in there and let us know when you pass it. I have faith in you!!! Besides, you got through nursing school and that was not easy either, so you can beat this stupid test too.
  11. nursedee63

    Pet Peeve: Poor Grammar by Nurses

    Thank you for bringing this issue to the discussion!!!! I get so frustrated when words are mispelled. We all make mistakes, but some people just don't care about spelling and grammar. "Orientated" is not a word!!!:angryfire