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  1. Hey there.. new to this site, found it while checking out info about the NCLEX... so far has had lots of good advise. I write my NCLEX in 2 weeks, graduated from univ here in Canada and was wondering if there are any other Canadian RN's out there with any suggestions of what to expect. I have heard the CRNE is more difficult than the NCLEX... any feedback out there to calm my nerves? So far been studying lots, using the study guide from Smith and Kaplan... but still SUPER nervous... HELP
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  3. by   SandBetweenMyToes
    I have written both. I have heard people (all Canadaians) say the CRNE is harder than the NCLEX. Personally, I thought they were about even in difficulty. I do believe there was more clinical disease process questions contained in the NCLEX I wrote. However, there are so many different versions of each test out there, sometimes it is just the luck of the draw. I studied a little every day for about 5 months before each test and had no problem with either. I used the Mosby text for the CRNE and I believe it was the Saunders for the NCLEX. Truthfully, you could use any reputable name out there. I would however advise you get the manual for the proper test because the CRNE study text had info specific to Canada, and the NCLEX study text had info specific to the US. The nursing content was virtually the same. Best of luck to you.
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