NCLEX February 2, 2018, Need Help!

  1. Hello guys,

    I graduated nursing school in May 2017 and due to various personal things going on i am just now scheduled to take my NCLEX on 1st week of February 2018. I just started studying last week because i did not know where to start and could not afford all the pricey studying programs out there, i wanted to get Uworld but too pricey and not enough time left to study. I am now doing questions on the Saunders Comprehensive Review NCLEX online questions from the code i had in the 7th edition book and some questions on the NCLEX RN Mastery app. DO you guys think is enough or does anyone else have any other resources or pdf docs, notes, anything that can help? I know i am pretty weak on pharmacology, labs, and signs and symptoms of imbalances, maternity and peds. Again i am a bit lost on how much i should be studying each day and what to focus on? Or should i try to buy the UWorld now even though there's only 2 weeks left? PLease Help guys, THANKS.
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  3. by   MamaBeaRN2b
    Have you looked into buying uworld? It's not terribly expensive and you can purchase it by time it is available to you. Good luck to you!!
  4. by   Dtorres223
    Well is 139 dollars for the one that has 1 75 ? Test, and i just have 2 weeks left till i test so thats why im questioning it
  5. by   MamaBeaRN2b
    It looks like it's $99 for a 30 day subscription. You get access to their 2000 questions. The rationales are very helpful. You just don't get to access any practice assessments that tell you how likely you are to pass. With access to the questions though, you just create your own, you choose how many questions, and what topics to get quizzed on. $99 is pricey for 2 weeks of use, but it may help quite a bit!
  6. by   Flnolegirl
    Is it possible to change your test date? I only ask because its seems like you are trying to cram and that is absolutely the wrong thing to do. Best of luck my dear!
  7. by   Dtorres223
    Flnolegril, unfortunately no my ATT expires on the 5th so i have to take it before it expires
  8. by   nur5emarte
    I strongly encourage you to study Saunders CD ROM, make flashcards of weaknesses and study with a peer. Remember this, if you can explain it to someone then you know the material. Best of luck to you!
  9. by   Flnolegirl
    Quote from Dtorres223
    Flnolegril, unfortunately no my ATT expires on the 5th so i have to take it before it expires
    Well stay focused comprehend what you are studying and best of luck my dear!