1. Any words of advice for a new grad from a BSN program who took NCEX exam and failed. According to the results sent to her the score was close to passing. As with most failures she is devastated and is scared to take it again in Oct. For any who have been through this experience is taking the test easier the second time and what type of studying did you do? How do you keep your self confidence especially if taking tests are hard for you?
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  3. by   Aurelia Fox
    My heart goes out to her, that must be such a disapointment. I would like to recomed the following web site . I found it when I was studing for the NCLEX. It is the homepage of a nurse who took the exam 3 times. There are all kinds of links and you can even email her. I think it is a great web site particularly if you haven't been successful on the exam. Good Luck
  4. by   CEN35
    I knew a girl who took it three times. Her and her fiancee were both in my class. They were both "A" students, and very bright individuals. They studied 24hrs a day, except for sleep, and meals. They did this all through school also. He passed it the first time, she took it three times. It is most cases has nothing to do with intelligence. rather these people are poor test takers, or let the stress get to them, which causes them to overlook things, and go for the wrong answer. No caffeine, the night before or the day of the test. No cramming the day of the test. A brief review is fine. Pay attention to the "Which of the following is an incorrect statement", "Which is", Which is not" "all of the are correct", etc. I know someone who has helped write the boards, and the object in many questions are to see if someone gets stuck overlooking something, or not answering what they are actually asking. These questions alone, usually account for 10 - 20% of wrong answers. Keep the confidence :-)

  5. by   Christie H.
    Sue don't worry. I am a nurse manager on a busy floor. Some of my best nurses failed at least once. Tests don't judge your compassion,caring, or ability to help others. Try not to stress out. Chill. You'll pass and be a better nurse for it.
  6. by   MollyJ
    Tell your friend to consider getting some help with stress reduction techniques and test anxiety. A psychologist/therapist that specializes in this area could be a real boon. I had a nurse colleague who worked with students that failed boards and taught them exactly these type of things and I think her students had a very high rate of second time pass.
    Good luck; anyone who takes boards knows this is a possiblity and perseverance in the face of adversity says alot about you...
  7. by   Aurelia Fox
    I forgot to mention there is a delpi forum by the same nurse I mentioned earlier. It has lots of posts from people that are either going through this or have had it happen to them. The site is . Also, I would recomend a prep course. I took Kaplan's course and it helped me a great deal. They also give you software and have practice tests, just like the real thing. Good Luck.