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  1. Electric, or disposable razors have been used for years at our hospital for patients who are on anticoagulant therapy. It is the policy not to use standard razors due to possible skin nicks which may result in excessive bleeding. Is this standard practice in most hosptials or is this policy out dated? Does any one know of supportive litature? The disposable razors are quite expensive and are not of good quality. Thanks for your help :)
  2. SueM


    Any words of advice for a new grad from a BSN program who took NCEX exam and failed. According to the results sent to her the score was close to passing. As with most failures she is devastated and is scared to take it again in Oct. For any who have been through this experience is taking the test easier the second time and what type of studying did you do? How do you keep your self confidence especially if taking tests are hard for you?
  3. SueM

    Patient Care Delivery

    Hi, I am looking for any information on restructuring nursing staff for efficient, safe and cost effective patient care delivery. Specifically nurse patient ratio on a general Med-Surg unit. We are currently using a modified primary assignment with skill mix of RN, LPN and NT. There is a Charge or Desk Nurse. Our LPN's are IV certified and able to deliver care within the full limit of their licence. We are faced as all hospitals with down sizing our FTE's. We utilize walking rounds, and are in process of moving away from the Kardex system. This is a 22 bed unit;, can anyone share their experiences with staff numbers for the 3 shifts? I am new to this BB and would appreciate any response. Thanks in advance.

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