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  1. Aurelia Fox


    I forgot to mention there is a delpi forum by the same nurse I mentioned earlier. It has lots of posts from people that are either going through this or have had it happen to them. The site is www.forum.delphi.com/anneliese/messages . Also, I would recomend a prep course. I took Kaplan's course and it helped me a great deal. They also give you software and have practice tests, just like the real thing. Good Luck.
  2. Aurelia Fox


    My heart goes out to her, that must be such a disapointment. I would like to recomed the following web site www.cyber-nurse.com . I found it when I was studing for the NCLEX. It is the homepage of a nurse who took the exam 3 times. There are all kinds of links and you can even email her. I think it is a great web site particularly if you haven't been successful on the exam. Good Luck
  3. Aurelia Fox

    Genetic diseases

    Correction...the gene is recessive that is why you need a combination of either two carriers or a carrier and a victim to have the disease. However, a victim and a non-carrier will have children who are all carriers. A carrier and a non-carrier have a 50% possiblity of having children who carry the trait.
  4. Aurelia Fox

    Genetic diseases

    Okay, I'm going to give this a shot I believe that the reason that some of the diseases occur in certian ethnic groups has to do with that group's gene pool. Many people have children with people from their own ethnic group. The faulty genes are in that particular pool. For example sicle cell disease developed in native Africans because it made them resistant to malaria (I think that was the disease). Therefore, that disease would have been origonally only carried by people with African decent. The gene is dominant, so if a carrier marries a noncarrier (AA or not) they have a 50% likelyhood of having children who are carriers. In order to produce a child with the disorder you must have either two carriers or or one carrier and one victim. It is not that it is impossible for a child of another race (that has African American ancestors) to get the disease, it is just much less likely because African Americans are more likely to carry the disease. I hope this makes some sense!
  5. Aurelia Fox


    I don't know much about travel nursing. I do know there are some sites specific to travelers. You could search the web for those, you may find some useful info. I'm not saying don't post here by the way
  6. Aurelia Fox

    nurse diploma- the 2 people who answered

    Sakeena, I was also suprised when you said it was only 18 months for your diploma. There is a lot more to nursing school than "just getting your RN." There is an incredible amount of information to digest, as well as developing yourself into the role of a nurse. There is a great deal to learn. If I where you I would ask the school how it manages to teach the program in such a short time, it's NCLEX pass rate, and former students to tell you their experience. Good Luck
  7. Aurelia Fox

    Computer Charting

    They used computer charting at the hospital where I did most of my clicals in school. It was much easier (and faster) than writting charts, however people get lazy at sometimes it was hard to get the whole patient from the chart. Most people liked it though, I think it is one of those things that is coming for everyone. Good Luck!
  8. Aurelia Fox

    RN Experience for Advanced Practice Nurses?

    Actually, the topic came up in the other bb because this person couldn't find a job. It seemed to be a combined problem of a saturated market and having no experience. However, there are programs as I said before that are set up particularly for people with no experience. Most I have heard of are ones that are four years of education that end in an NP. I also have a classmate that is attending a Vanderbilt University program that is set up for newly graduated nurses. I agree that experience is the best teacher, which is one of the many reasons I didn't even consider grad school immediatly after graduation. But...isn't the other side of this arguement that the RN role is very diffrent than that of the NP? Does being an RN really prepare you for being an advanced practice nurse? We don't require PA's to have been any kind of healthcare worker before hand. Why is it diffrent for nursing?
  9. This topic was brought up in another bb. I thought it would spur some interesting discusion here as an extension of the eduaction debate. Do advanced practice nurses need RN experience to be good at what they do? This is possible through programs for new graduate nurses to be NP's as well as programs that take you straight trough for your NP (they do get an RN along the way of course). Do you feel that these nurses need RN experience or is the role diffrent enough that they can do without?
  10. Aurelia Fox

    Good luck on finals to everyone:)

    Hello, I completed my last final for my BSN degree on Monday. It feels good. Good luck to everyone. I am living proof that like bleeding, it does end eventually...thank God!! In a few more days I won't be a student nurse (Yes!!). I hope you all have successful finals and a nice summer.
  11. Aurelia Fox


    I worked as a nurse extern for the past year on a unit that used cytotec some. Several of the nurses talked about the cytotec "blast." i.e. the dialation would be pretty slow then all of a sudden we'd have the baby at a +2 sation. I saw two precip deliveries using cytotec (I worked nights-no docs in house). However, it certianly did not happen with every patient who got it. The nurses on the unit seemed to prefer the prosaglandin gel and pit if needed.
  12. Aurelia Fox

    Why the Prejudice against LPNs

    Hello...Please excuse my ignorance. I am a soon to be new grad and I would really like it if someone could explain the scope of practice of a LPN. One of the people who responded said that she did total patient care. If that can be true, then there is no diffrence. However, I do feel there is an educational diffrence, so the scope of practice should be diffrent right? I'm not trying to discount LPN's at all. I have learned from people with every education level. As a "newbie" I'm always glad for someone to share their experience, regardles of title. Thanks.
  13. Aurelia Fox

    New London, CT

    I have the number for the CT Nurse Licensure. It is (860)509-7570. I am soon to be new grad. I am familiar with Arizona and Virginia. You have to register first then they will give you dates. In these states(and I think many of the states) the test is computerized and you can take it pretty much whenever you want to and after your paperwork is processed with the board of nursing. Good Luck.
  14. Aurelia Fox

    ER internships or programs for new grads?

    KR, I am a nearly new graduate nurse myself. I agree with you that experience in an area doe make a diffrence as to if you should go into it as a "newbie." Anyway, I live in Flagstaff, AZ. Our hospital here (small medical center) just starting hiring into the ER with their new grad program. There is one position open every spring in the ER (I don't know when you graduate), it is already filled for this year. I know because it is a friend of mine who has similar experience to you. Getting a job in a specialty area can be harder than med-surg but it is possible. I wish you good luck and don't think you should give up your dream of working in the ER out of school.
  15. Aurelia Fox

    Labor & Delivery Experience

    I am a soon to be new grad as well. I spent the last summer and school year working as a nurse extern in an L&D unit. This experience was incredibly valuable and I learned so much. By the end I was functioning as a nurse with some back-up(as well as no IV's or meds allowed). Don't get me wrong, I have so much to learn still. However, this was an excellant experience. For me, I need to do things to learn them. This was the perfect experience in that sense. The nurses got me in there to do everything. I feel that I am better prepared than most new graduates for this area. I am currently seeking a postion in women's health. I may not be able to start in L&D, but I will be closer to L&D than I would be in med-surg (which I happen to hate by the way!). I did my externship in Phoenix, but I know hospitals across the country offer them (may be other names). Inquire at the local hopitals. Good Luck!!
  16. I am about to graduate from a Bachelor's program in May. Women's health has been my primary interest for most of my educational career. One thing that I did that appears to make me more marketable is to participate in an externship. This is basicly an internship. You work with a single nurse who acts as a preceptor in the summer before your senior year. For me it was an excellant experience personally and has improved my chances of getting a women's health position as a new grad. I did a program offered in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are interested, inquire at your local hospitals to see what they offer. Another good way to get into OB is to be an aid or patient care assitant on an OB floor. This is an excellent way to get your foot in the door and get some experience as well. Good Luck.

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