NCLEX Exam Bloopers

  1. Took my NCLEX RN exam Feb 28th. I arrived at the testing center before 7.30 AM. The center was already open so I took a number and waited. Anyway, long story short. Prints were taken and I sat for my test. I was in the first 10 numbers of the test when the proctor came and check my locker # and said your phone is making noise. I was.?!?! I turned it off. When I got out of the room, I heard my phone screaming cockadoodledoo!!!! (My everyday 8:00 AM alarm) So I the proctor had to cut the bag and I turned off the phone again. Five minutes later, the proctor came back saying my phone is screaming again. I was embarrassed but at the same time giggling. So I moved out, he cut the pouch and I turned off the phone in front of him. Then, I came back to continue my test. That didn't stop there!!!! He came back again and said it was screaming again, this time I am already annoyed. Same procedure, this time I turned off the alarm itself. It turns out my phone will wake up on its own if an alarm has been set and It was snoozing.

    Anyway, that was my blooper. It was hilarious. A little comedy to calm my nerves! Did you have one?
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  3. by   ger_bearr
    What kind of phone do you have?! LMAO
  4. by   cRyo
    Quote from ger_bearr
    What kind of phone do you have?! LMAO
    I have a cheap Android phone I bought from Amazon. LOL