NCLEX changes April 2007

  1. I've been hearing these rumors around campus. Does anyone know what these changes are????
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  3. by   azhiker96
    The folks who ran our Kaplan review said the minimum passing standard is being raised.
  4. by   futurernfarmer
    My A&P teacher told me last friday the NCLEX is supposedly going to change in about two years from now. She said they were doubling the length and adding mostly A&P questions to make sure new nurses were retaining that information. She also said the new test would be a result of new nursing practices, where nurses would control (even) more patient care, and doctors would be (even) more hands off. She also mentioned this would result in a pay increase. Whereas the average salary is now 50-60k, it would be 70-80k. HOWEVER, I can NOT find anything online to confirm this.
  5. by   2brichielpn08
    what is the passing rate NOW? for NCLEX-PN?
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    The best place to check out and see what is happening with the NCLEX is the NCSBN as they alone are responsible for the exam and the question formats. You can also find the passing rates currently in use