NCLEX 2nd time yest, im so nervous now.

  1. hi,
    took the exam yesterday. i had 75 questions too. its my second time to take nclex so im desperate to pass this time. the first time i went as far as 250ish and i ran out of time. i got out of the testing site pretty sure i failed. did not mind looking at the quick results until after 3 wks. true, i did not pass. yeserday i went into the testing room feeling better prepared but as questions came flashing i got confused again and lost track at some point bcoz one examinee kept doing a lot of typing and was pressing his keyboard sooo veerrrryyy hhhaaarrrddd!!! it caused everyone in the room so distracted. just hoping it did not affect my answers huh?! anyway, i had lots of priority questions, tons of infection control, 3 or 4 select all that apply and 1 computation. the drugs were quite familiar but when i checked on my answers, ooohhh, i got their side effects all mixed up! this makes me very nervous now. generally, the feeling is a bit better and lighter now than the 1st time i took nclex. that time i was so exhausted i was testing for 6 hrs long, i jus wanted to get thru it. this time i said 'god give me some more questions if i am not doing good. i dont mind having to finish 265 just give me the chance to pass...' but it shut off at 75! i'm afraid... what could this mean? did i make worse this time?... or could it be a good indication? i hope and pray for the latter. god bless me and all awaiting nclex results, and all future nclex test-takers!
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    enjoy the waiting game.... it is more difficult than studying nclex. hope you made it. my prayers are with yah... best of luck
  4. by   EricJRN
    Good luck to you! Let us know how it turns out.