1. Hey everyone, I'm new to and I have a question for everyone..
    This is probably a really stupid question but I was wondering if you are aloud to use your calculator on the NCLEX? I'm really bad at math and I'm kind of worried about it.
    Your answers are much appreciated! :spin:
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  3. by   suzy253
    HI & welcome to Allnurses.
    Nope...can't use your own calculator for the NCLEX exam. There is an on screen computer calculator that is available as a pop up on the screen if you need to use it.
    they also give you a white sheet--similar to a dry-erase board with a pen to use for calculations as well.
    Pretty much can't bring in anything with you to the exam room. You're given a locker for your purse or whatever.
  4. by   RGN1
    I didn't even get one single question in my N-CLEX RN that needed me to bring up the calculator. They do tell you how to use it though, when you go through the on-screen trainer before you click to go ahead to the real exam. So don't worry.
  5. by   lynn123
    Ok. Thanks. I have one more question though.. Do you know if you can use your calculator on the nursing entrance exam? I'm so worried about all of these tests I will have to take. I'm so bad at math..
  6. by   RNKay31
    In my college, they give us their own calculators, we could not bring our own, not to worry too much about the math, you will get the hang of things, I did not like math and was scared, but when I get the hang of things, I ended up doing very well, all the best to you.