NCLEX 12 days ago...

  1. do i need to start worrying ? T.T i cant find my name in the site and i have not received any mail from the California board...btw, i did 75 questions and i feel confident passing it but this wait is killing me to do point that im beginning to lose hope..=[
    do i need to call the board now? what will i tell them? help please
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  3. by   youknowho
    You can call them and ask them if your file is complete. They can't and will not give you the information if you passed or failed. If they have your complete file then you can check the website and /or wait for the mail. It could be that they are missing something from your file and the results are delayed. Good luck.:angel2:
  4. by   jabO
    i just called the board and they told me that they already mailed a letter last jan.19 but i have not received yet any mail from them and my name is not on the website..does it mean i failed? T.T....
  5. by   JaxiaKiley
    Did you ask them about their policy on lost mail? If you don't get your letter, how long do you have to wait to get another one sent out?
  6. by   jabO
    unfortunately not.. i guess i failed cause if ever i passed they will surely put my name on the list in the site..T.T..but its not there...
  7. by   Cherybaby
    Jab - don't think that way. Like someone else said, the letter that they sent you could have been a request for more information. If you were missing info from your file, your name would NOT go on the website, no matter if you passed or failed! Now, if that letter got misdirected as well...then that is just unfortunate...but it surely doesn't mean you failed by any means! Call the Board back and tell them you didn't get a letter and you need a new one!

    Don't give up on yourself!!!!!!

  8. by   jabO
    i actually asked the guy if my files are complete and he said yes and he also said that the " result " was sent last january 19... are there instances you know you pass through mail first before they put it in the site? if thats not possible, i surely failed the exam.. T.T
  9. by   jabO
    anyone? is that possible?
  10. by   Leilah75_RN
    if they mailed the results last jan 19, you shouldve had it in 2-3 days and max of a week if you are in USA. if not, you may wanna ask the BON and inform them about the situation. they might be able to send you another result. if you cannot find your name on CA BON site dont worry as well. my cousin passed nclex last year with 265 questions, US graduate and she already is workin as an RN here in CA and until now her name isnt on BON website. so dont worry.
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  11. by   janrette
    hi jabO,
    at least ur still on ur 12th day of about me? this is my 8th week since i took the exam and till now no news!!!
    got to be more patient...and who knows? it paves fulfillment....
  12. by   jabO
    did you try to call them?
  13. by   trekjudy
    jabo, did you ever find out if you passed? I really hope you did....
  14. by   jabO
    thanks to everyone....
    well i checked the mail box this after noon and mail for me...
    i checked the website and still my name is not there...
    i really dont know what to think now...
    i am hoping for the best and at the same time expecting the worst...
    whether i pass or fail what is impt is i did my best and pray to Him that His will be done...