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do i need to start worrying ? T.T i cant find my name in the site and i have not received any mail from the California board...btw, i did 75 questions and i feel confident passing it but this wait... Read More

  1. by   onduty23
    can you call and get quick result?
  2. by   janrette
    so still no news huh!
    anyway, like what the othrs R doing, lets be patient and pray...
    just keep us posted..
  3. by   jabO
    thanks janrette...
    14th day..still no result
  4. by   whirlwind
    hello jabo,
    its not only u who's waiting for the results... a lot of nurses out there who wishes to be an rn in this beautiful but competitive world of "nurse-rn".(and i'm 1 of them)
    just be calm and have fun once in a while... then one day, the waiting is over...goodluck
  5. by   jabO
    i just received a mail from the Board.. Unfortunately i failed it...I dont know what to think..i know i gave my best shot but its not enough...
    T.T ... this might be my last post ...thanks to everyone
  6. by   trekjudy
    HOw many questions did you end up getting on your nclex rn? I am sorry to hear your results. I was really pulling for you. I stopped at 75 q. and should have my results by tomorrow w/quick results. I am scared. DId you feel good about the test? DId you get alot of priority questions?
  7. by   jabO
    After the exam i felt good..i thought i will get it but i dont know what happened...yeah i got alot of priority questions...i answered 75 questions so im one of the few people who end up with 75 questions and failed..T.T
  8. by   rissa47
    maybe i failed the exam too..i also got 75 questions and it's been a week now and i haven't heard anything from them..maybe the reason why it's been taking forever is because i failed..huhuhuhu
  9. by   trekjudy
    does your state participate in quick results? I too ended at 75 but I took the test yesterday and Michigan has quick results that post in 48hrs( suppose it).

    Good luck.....:smiletea2:
  10. by   janrette
    hi jabO,
    sorry to hear about your result...i'm depending on you..
    how did u received it? by mail i suppose...
    anyway, be still proud of urself coz uv gone that far...
    i'l still have to wait a little more, than maybe i'll call the board next week..
    pray for me....
  11. by   rissa47
    waiting for the results is making me nuts....i want to end this agony...i took the test january 24 and still i don't know if i passed or failed....i think i failed horribly at 75's my 8th day of waiting.... i am trying to focus myself to think positively but i can't..i think i screwed up the exam that's why i landed at 75 questions no matter how hard i try to be positive i always end up losing my mind thinking about my answers....:stone

    God help us all!! the cross that i am carrying right now is so heavy....
    God bless all!! let us all hope for the best!!! i'll be praying for all of you!!
  12. by   Leilah75_RN
    chin up rissa47. you will pass. believe me :angel2: heheh and believe in your self and congratuations

    dont feel miserable waiting. enjoy it...good luck to yah.
  13. by   rissa47
    thank you so much leilah for your words it did cheer me up...i did appreciate it..thanks a lot it made me smile and believe in's agood thing we have allnurses...thanks again!!