1. Hello All , so I took my NCLEX LVN today and it stopped me on #115 and a majority of my questions where on maternal which is my weakest subject , I just wanted to cry getting out of the testing room .. I wasn't going to try the trick but I did and Not the good pop up appreared .. I used Uworld for a whole month and put so much time and it's just so hard if anyone has any tips or other souces please email my personal email because I don't know how this works thank you @
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  3. by   dianah
    Moved to NCLEX forum.
    You may find some helpful information and tips browsing through the other threads and posts in this area.

    I hope you soon get news of passing!
  4. by   jtboy29
    Don't lose hope because of the PVT. It's not 99.9% accurate. Actually if you feel horrible it's probably a good sign. I know the effort put in passing the NCLEX PN. I did it myself before finally passing the exam on the third attempt. If you do fail, then re-assess what you did wrong and how you studied and change it up so that way you can be better prepared. Also since you stated that maternity is your weakest subject then I suggest you look into a content review course such as Hurst (just in case you failed).
  5. by   Sniru510
    Thank You and yes I'm pretty sure I failed it's lettting me reregister for the test .. congratulations on passing tho