1. hello everyone!

    it is my first time here and im glad to be part of this group. I opted to join in to share insights and inspirational thoughts that might help out others of the same profession through this site. anyway, i just took my nclex yesterday, and let me be a living testimony that taking the exam is not that easy even though you reviewed well because i believe it is more on critical and decision making. i am clueless on my result since my pc shutdown after 75 questions then followed by a series of i dont know it is said to be "survey question" and case study questions...anyway, it seems that waiting for the exam result is more torturing than the exam itself hahaha! this is my first time to take the exam and i had my review at KAPLAN.
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  3. by   SilentscrubRN
    hi how was it?
  4. by   Nurserenee18
    I just took my on feb 3 and I had 143 questions which majority was SATA . I know how you feel I wasn't nervous going in but since I'm done its been horrible. I just hope the wait isn't to long in my state it doesn't offer quick results. But I really hope you passed good luck
  5. by   stehlah24
    thank you. i really do hope i passed. i had 75 questions followed by a series of survey and case study questions. good luck to you as well.
  6. by   stehlah24
    ended at 75 question. i think i had not leaa than 30 SATA which made me uncertain into my answers.
  7. by   Alexx_xox
    75 and lots of a select all is typically a good sign!!! Sounds like you PASSED!