NCLEX 11 days ! First time ! Super worried

  1. Hey !So i graduated nursing in 2013 . ANd didnt practice it as i did my MBA in hospital admin.So i lost touch of my books (I was a gud student) Now. I came to USA and i have to give NCLEX to get my credentials in place. So I have just 11 days before exam.
    I did the following
    NCSBN- Completly
    U world - 500 question + 1 assessment
    Saunders-Almost all questions
    Priortization and delegation -All questions
    NCLEx Cramsheets
    BUT !!
    I took u world assessment its giving me just 40 percent, other assesments giving me 40-45 percent. I keep studying. But the percentage or something doesnt improve. ! I am super worried and tesnsed ! I really dont wanna fail. ! Is there anything AT ALL that i cse an do in these few days to make it happen !! really appreciate all the answers. thanks
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  3. by   gwenzilla
    some people pass with 40s in their uworld assessments! just make sure to read those rationales
  4. by   jtboy29
    Your percentile score on UWorld should be least of your worries. Instead, read those rationales and fully understand why the answer is right or wrong. You feel tensed because you've used a lot of sources. From here, just continue to use UWorld and keep doing practice questions. Utilize Saunders as a content material source.
  5. by   anishacatherine0891
    Thank you soo much for ur motivational response !! I was so concerned. Thanks a lot . will work on it.
  6. by   anishacatherine0891
    Thank you soo much for ur response. Will work on this for sure !
  7. by   MadHattress
    Hey. Just had to do a retake myself but I have confidence that I passed this go around. I found that anxiety and not having a good study plan or test taking strategies kind of got the best of me the first go around. Kaplan had a freebie online review called strategies for repeat test takers that you can sign up for on their site and it was really insightful. I recommend it even though you are a first time test taker. Basically it helped me strategize the for actual test day. Helped me take a look at how I was pacing myself during my study questions looking at my trends, deciding if and when i should take breaks, the instructor gave good advice about not being discouraged of you pass 75 and really helped me to understand how the test works so I wasnt as nervous. And of course the content areas to focus on. Plus you can ask questions. If there's one available for your area before your date it might be worth it. Good luck!
  8. by   anishacatherine0891
    Thank u just wanted to tell u I cleared NCLEX thank you soo much