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In one to two months I will be taking my exam, this thread is an online log to track my progress.I figure if I do it on my own, it will be most likely to FAIL. So Im here, taking all the risks. I... Read More

  1. by   oslerndoit
    You're welcome, Noemark!
    Good to hear that you are doing questions from Kaplan. Don't be discouraged by the hard questions.

    I too didn't do well on the Kaplan's Diagnostic Questions and Q Trainer-1. After doing poorly in them, I started to listen to some of the content videos and doing Class Questions.

    I heard some people are doing questions first and then reading the topic later after finding out their weak areas. I'm planning to do the same. As I have been doing contents most of the time and never really got to do much of the questions before the exams and failed the exams. This time, I'm going to do Questions and see how it goes.
    Regarding your time limit, I think it depends on the individual. Some people passed their nclex exam doing kaplan's questions and reviewing their weak areas after the questions. If you are weak in content then i would recommend you reading Saunder's Book otherwise you could do Kaplan's Questions and review content right after doing the questions (I mean review your weak areas).
    P.S. Sorry, I don't have a viber. I would love to share notes, but unfortunately, I'm just writing in my notebook and not really typing anything in my computer! I'm so used to writing in my notebook!
  2. by   oslerndoit
    hi Noemark,
    If you wish we could share the notes. I have some notes that i got from others and I can share it with u!

    Keep studying,
  3. by   Casper5915
    Hi guys,

    It's been a while since I have posted, but I have been working on my Kaplan material and I think it has been pretty successful. I have been in contact with my instructor and she is happy with my scores so far! Here they are and I hope to keep improving on them.

    Diagnostic: 61%
    Readiness: 64%

    QT1: 71%
    QT7: not taken yet

    I have also not had my baby yet, he was due yesterday sept 17th, I postponed my exam to the 26th instead, giving me more time to complete the far those scores are...

    64, 60, 72, 60 and 60, a bit more to go, I am determined to finish them as my instructor says lots of the qbank q's show up on the test.

    Anyways, I'll keep going with the kaplan stuff, it seems to work for me.

    Good luck to the rest of you and lets see when my little boy decides to show up while mommy is studying, lol any day now...
  4. by   oslerndoit

    If you already had your little boy then Congratulation! Welcome to your baby boy!

    I'm happy to see that you are also using Kaplan Course. I'm impressed that you have done most of the QTrainers with decent scores.

    So far, I have done Diagnostic: 46% (I ran out of time by 36 Questions), QT 1: 58.67%, QT2:68%, QT3:56%.

    Let's keep going with our QTrainers and Qbanks! and Lets keep our eyes on the price!

    Good luck studying and keep posting!!
  5. by   oslerndoit
    hey all,

    another 56% in Qtrainer 4!

    lol no loosing hope!

    Keeping myself positive!
  6. by   missnoc360
    Hi all,

    Im sorry for the very very late update.

    Thanks for this site and for all the people who I have met here.. (virtually, lol)
    Goodluck to everyone who's about to take the exam..

    The only piece of advice i can give is..

  7. by   sandyfeet
    CONGRATULATIONS onemorestep!!!!

    I always wondered what happened to you; I knew with all of your dedication and hard work you would make it through but I was just waiting for you to take the dang test! Thanks again for motivating so many people on this thread to achieve our dream of becoming RNs!
  8. by   nurse671
    What I say?? What I say??? All who follow and post on this tread will pass the Nclex.. So happy for you I know I congratulated you via pm and the other thread but I think its nice to post it here too where I meet you and you motivated me and others.

    Congrats RN!!!!!!