1. Okay Im terrified. I took my NCLEX-PN on wednesday june 10 and on Friday I went on the website and clicked verification. (I was low on cash until I could pick up my check so I was just seeing what this could possibly tell me.) When I looked up my name the status says active and my credential says PN with numbers. Someone please tell me this means I passed!! Im too nervous to go on pearsonvue's website and really pay because Ive worked myself up to think I passed, and if I failed I dont know what to do! HELP!!!
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  3. by   nrsgnerd
    It sounds to me like you have passed.....PN and numbers may be your license # as a PN....I am not 100% but I will be bold enough to say CONGRATULATIONS and if I am wrong...DO IT AGAIN...NEVER GIVE UP!!!
  4. by   soon2bRN516
    Not sure how Ohio is, but on the WV verification site in the bottom left hand corner it says "Permanent" vs the temp it says before you pass....One of the girls I just graduated with just took boards and found out yesterday, she told me that is how she found out....CONGRATS
  5. by   nmaracle3834
    I looked on my results for Ohio and it said RN, numbers, initial date issued, expiration date and active. That means a pass for me and it sounds like it for you CONGRATULATIONS.