My NCLEX Story Worth Sharing...

  1. Hello Future Nurses! I've been a fan of this allnurses forum for two reasons. It boost and sank my confidence at the same time! LOL! Anyways, i promised to share my NCLEX experience to release some tensions in you and help you say "I CAN!"

    ~SHORT INTRO~ To start with, I am an International student from Philippines who graduated BSN 7years ago. Can you guys believe that? It's quite a struggle for me to start studying NCLEX because i really have to start with the basics, from medical abbreviations to the different types of fruits and vegetables which my counrty basically dont have. Frankly, i didnt know what beets look like! why does it affects urine? so i really have to take time searching for those basic things! hahaah! Pathetic me! LOL! But i must admit, im having fun doing those, its like, Me-teaching-Me the elementary way! lol!

    Basically, i allotted myself about 4-5months of comprehensive study. like 3-4 hours a day on weekdays and yes, that long!. As i've said earlier, back to basic! and cover to cover! I used SAUNDERS 5th Edition, PDA of Linda LACHARITY and also enrolled to KAPLAN 2weeks online course. I must say, Kaplan is really worth of your 499$! Also did the NCLEX3500 which is free online. And hey! here's the exciting part, look how crazy my scores on Kaplan's Qtrainers?! 52,59,54,63,54,57,68 and my readiness is 57%! Oh dear, i know you're quite relieved. LOL! Four weeks before my exam date, which is OCT 08'2013, i did 100-150 questions a day and read all the rationales, right and wrong. I think this is what other students missed out. Honestly, this is how i understand things. and its a MUST!

    ~EXAM DAY~ Exam day for me is like another day to be Gorgeous. So dress like you're having a date to your future! hahah! I know this is not a good thing to brag about, but i came in to the test center late for 8mins! good thing the staff are too kind and understands how traffic sucks in that area. And then, my exam starts. I Had 22 SATA's, (yeah, i really did made marks on my board each time those sata's comes out) . And the most awaited part, the computer shut down around 130 items, i cant recall what exact number i was, but it went blue and i whispered, I am not taking a break!!! i spent 3 hours and im still on Q130! hahah! surprisingly, the computer directed me to survey section and im teary eyed goin out of the testing room. I had the moment of relief and heavy heart at the same time. The feeling is unexplainable. But i pour all my Faith to God that He'll place me to where i deserve to be, pass or fail.

    ~RESULTS~ Two hours after the exam, i tried to do the PVT. I really had no idea how it works, but as what I've read, i need to register again, and so i did. Then i had the good pop up! That gave me a relief but quite skeptical though. And today, I FELT THE GREATEST FEELING OF ALL! I PASSED!!!... Always believe in yourself and pray to God not only for easy questions, but for questions you know you're confident to answer. Best of Luck Future Nurses! and remember to always remind yourself, I CAN! ...
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  3. by   DidiRN
    Moved to NCLEX Discussion Forum. Congrats!!
  4. by   kaela_v
    CONGRATULATIONS! What an accomplishment, not only to pass but to start from scratch as well!

    I can relate to the feeling you described as you exited the testing center! I finished in 75 questions and felt that I MUST have failed, there was no way I passed in the minimum number of questions. I quickly walked to my car with tears in my eyes, called my best friend, and had a nervous break-down....i found later that I had PASSED!
  5. by   kitkatelove
    Yey! congratulations to you too! What a great feeling to accomplish something we thought we didn't. And i guess, Only NCLEX exam can make all nurses feel this way! LOL! juiced up with tears, then few hours after, juiced up with happiness! KUDOS kaela_v
  6. by   PrettyLady87
    Congrats! and yes I am relieved because my readiness score was 57.2%!! My trainers were very similar to yours also. Reading your post has given me a huge amount of confidence! I have been studying for 4 weeks, and my test is in 2 more weeks (I was think of rescheduling). Anyway, thx again!
  7. by   kitkatelove
    Hey PrettyLAdy87! Thank you for reading my post, that's the purpose of it, to build confidence which i too had never had before. I even had a thought of rescheduling my exam, but i push it through. I said to myself, even when the day of my exam comes, i may still feel not ready, so its kinda same thing! Why prolong the agony? LOL! just say the mantra. I CAN! keep on practicing and you'll be just fine. Readiness of 57% can lead you to being an RN. Best Of Luck!!!
  8. by   bhumipatel2004
    thnx for inspiring story
  9. by   bhumipatel2004