My NCLEX Story- Hopefully it will give me and everyone else some HOPE

  1. I recently took my NCLEX yesterday morning at 8 AM in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I went to a 4 year program who beat the NCLEX into our already crammed brains. We had to do hours and hours of questions, and also had to take 2 comprehensive exams. Both of these exams informed me that I have a 95% chance of passing the NCLEX on my first try. These exams were the Mosby Assessment and an ATI test. We had over 9 ATIs all together throughout the 4 years. We were also forced to take the HURST review, which I found utterly useless during the NCLEX. It is a good tool for review, but the concepts didn't help very well. Even though I have had preparation, I feel as a total failure. I believe that test is designed to do that. (hah) I had around 218 questions. And I am completely sured that I failed.
    I keep religiously checking the Department of States Licenser verification only to be bummed out by seeing my name with a Graduate Registered Nurse beside it. Looking for help I came to these forms, as I did often during nursing school. I came across the Pearson Trick. Looking for anything to relieve some anxiety I tried it. I came to the last question about my school of nursing, and it gave me a message that said their records show that I am already registered for this test. I couldn't reach the payment section. My status on the active form says delivery successful.
    I am writing this to give others hope and myself hope and that even though you want to drive into a tree to go into a coma to pass the time, it is worth waiting. This is what we have been working for years for. It comes down to these final moments. Although, It is driving me and anyone who talks to me insane. My boyfriend informed me that he wants to hit me with a frying pan to knock me out for awhile so i'll stop worrying.
    I will repost when I get my results, but for everyone that is in the same situation as I am. Please hang in there.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Good luck
  4. by   natalyk
    I took my test on the 10th in CA. The computer shut off at 75 questions. I walked out of there stunned. Like yourself I took the ATI thoughout the nursing program and passed all of them on the first try. The comprehensive ATI results showed me that I have 95% chance of passing from the first try. That was more than two months ago. I took the Kaplan review and during the test felt like it was absolutely useless . I had questions on the test that I couldn't understand, words that I've never seen before, lots of "select all that apply", and drugs that I've never seen in my life.

    Anyways, my state doesn't participate in quick results, and I couldn't get to the CC page in the Pearsonview website. That's the only thing that is keeping me sane now.

    Here I am more than 48 hrs after the test, haven't been able to sleep (

  5. by   dra9382
    I had drugs that I had no idea what they did. A ton of prioritization questions, like who are you gonna see first? I had some multiple multiples. I don't know the difference between high and low questions. I heard prioritization questions are higher ones, and simple memorization ones are low end questions. I feel like the ATIs were more complex in the question, and the NCLEX was simpler in the question but the answers made no sense.
    I am sorry that your state doesn't participate in the quick results. If I had to wait for more than a week, I'd probably lose all my friends and my boyfriend and my parents would disown me. And I don't even live with my parents. It's only been 24 hours and they already keep telling me to stop bothering them until I know for sure.
    Take some sleeping pills. I don't usually go straight for medication, but in this scenario I feel that it is the only option. I had nightmares last night about my results. The first time I passed the second time I failed, I could never get a straight answer in my dreams. It's crazy how your mind handles anxiety. I kept dreaming that the red lettering on pearson's website said, "your results are inconclusive. sorry."
    natalyk - I hope that you find some sleep, and even more I hope that all your hard work pays off in the end.
  6. by   natalyk
    dra9382 can you get your quick results tomorrow?
  7. by   dra9382
    I think so- but it being a saturday I am not sure. It says it takes two business days. I don't know.
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    Quick results via pearsonvue are available over the weekend as long as 48 hours has passed. If looking at state BON website then usually not shown over the weekends
  9. by   dra9382
    Update- it is 9:30 saturday morning. Almost exactly 48 hours after I took then NCLEX. The option came available to check my quick results so I did, and I unbelievably passed. Also the pearson trick worked for me. So hopefully this will help some people relieve some anxiety.
    Goood Luck everyone. I know it's hard, but you can get through it.
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    Thanks : o )
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    Hey-I think I took the NCLEX with you on Thursday-Was it at the Pittsburgh West Center on Campbell's Run Rd? I took it at 8am too. I was the second one there, I may have spoken to you. I was the first one to leave-got booted out at 75 questions, so I was sick to my stomach---But I passed! Just found out this morning-Paid the 7.95 extortion fee. In this case, extortion felt great! I'll tell you-I felt so well-prepared going in, but then most of the questions were like-What is this???? At any rate, I guess I was adequate.

    I studied using the Saunders review, and I think it was excellent! It was a great overview of content, plus a chapter on test-taking, so very thorough. I graduated from CCBC, and all of my classmates paid to take the Kaplan review. (I just coldn't justify the expense-I'm an old-married-got-bills-to-pay kind of student, and had other things to do with the money.) They were not happy with it-Said it was a waste of time-no content review, just test-taking stuff. My best advice would be to pay attention in class and then review for a couple of weeks before the test. Don't obsess-it isn't helpful. At any rate, I'm pretty relieved and maybe a little proud, so I'll close with a cutesy nursely smile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo-hooo!!!!!!