My long NCLEX Journey


    I am updating my status now to RN. I have been through all the journey that some of us experienced or experiencing now. Every single day of my life was about NCLEX obsession since graduation. Hopefully, I can help you thick positively after reading my journey to passing NCLEX.

    I graduated in 2013, and yes, I had good grades in school. ATI and Kaplan was offered during and right after graduation. I took the exams in Nov 2013 and failed at 135 questions. Since Kaplan guaranteed your passing, they will let you choose another free class. After the 2nd Kaplan, In 2014, took it again and failed at 75 questions. I wrote every single word and read and practiced. The whole year of 2014, I was in the dumps.

    The next year 2015, I took a mental break-the whole year! I just say that, because I just tried to break free from all the stress, but in reality, you always think about how the heck am I going to pass this? Actually, I found HURST classes an hour drive from me- so I sucked it up and took the class but just took time this time around. I am working per diem/prn at a hospital for 15+ years as a Respiratory Therapist. I think, this did not help me because I am thinking, I have a job. Yeah right, I just tried to make myself feel better. Whenever I work, I tried to seek information and inspiration on how I am going to tackle my NCLEX problem.

    In 2016, I studied and studied the HURST videos and books. Finally scheduled an exam. I did not pass the first try with Hurst, with 265 questions and 5 hours in the exam room.
    This time I knew where Im weaker. I emailed Hurst because they guarantee passing and they let me take the online for x- amount of months for free access on videos and questions. This time, I paid attention as to what I needed to do. I read the HURST book cover to cover, over and over again till I feel like throwing up seeing the book LOL. I took the whole test again, and failed. Yes, 266 questions and 5 hours later.

    In 2017, I whined and cried and asked myself, "what is wrong with me?" This time- I am determined to be an RN by the end of the year. Overtime the nurses see me at work, they would ask if I am an RN now. Some got tired of asking, afraid to see my reaction. I kept to myself, and have avoided many friends and Facebook, I was keeping things to myself and to my family. I am lucky to have a very supportive husband and son, they are always my inspiration. They keep me going and holding myself accountable. This time, I made goals every month, finish a lot of question books, read all the chapters again in HURST, did more question books and googled my mistakes or whatever I don't understand well. This became my hobby. I did this for almost the whole 2017. A little bit of this and that. And I paid $79 for U-world for 3 weeks of questions. I was sort of upset with my U-world results because I only get 59% correct or lesser! I paid another $20 for an extended week of u-world. I sent my authorization to test (ATT) towards the end of the year of 2017, made a test date on the last available days of December 27, 2017. Changed test centers too. See, somebody told me I should take it in Maryland. But I live in PA- so I finally changed it to PA somewhere nearer my home! (because apparently Maryland NCLEX test takers passed? LOL).

    So that was my last glimpsed of hope was December 27, 2017. I took all 266 questions + 15 experimental+ survey, and finished after 5 hours. From that day forth, I cleaned up my room and took all my NCLEX books out and placed them in a bin! I said to myself I am moving on, and I know I gave my all. THIS TIME, I DID NOT PAY FOR A FAST RESULT! I said I will wait for the mail or check the PA Board of Nursing. And I did, and I was at peace about it too- But I did not see my name. It was not listed.

    January 9, 2018, I checked and the website was down. I actually gave up on checking because I knew I failed, LOL or at least I thought I did! One afternoon, I just sat and checked and my name was there and that was January 11, 2019. I broke down in tears and called my husband. I was reaching for all the Christmas lights outside to put them away (He thought I fell and I needed a cast because my voice was broken) when I told him over the phone that, Baby I passed! LOL He cried too.

    If I can do it, you can too! Definitely!!!!

    "Be careful to what you say to yourself, because yourself might be listening!"
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  3. by   BeckyESRN
    Congratulations! Your determination paid off. Kudos to your family for being so supportive and to you for pursing your dream and setting yourself up for success.
  4. by   Orion81RN
    Congratulations!!! Wow do you have a story of hard work, determination and success. Thank you for sharing your story on here. I'm sure it will be inspirational to many graduates.
  5. by   mejsp
    I am very proud of you. The best care provider may not be the best test taker. We all know brainiacs who can ace a test, but have the bedside warmth of a turnip. I admire you for pursuing your goal and staying the course. That took courage. If you hadn't you would always regret it.