My 3rd time. No results yet!

  1. It's been 6 days since I took my exam and It's my choice to avail that Quick count result but I'm a bit afraid since this is my 3rd time. I've done my best and I don't want to feel loneliness, depression again that's why I won't avail quick result. I'm really afraid, there are what if's and but's...

    My exam stops @ 75 and I got prioritization questions, 10 SATA q's I think, 6 computations of Dobu, Dopa. I am really suppressing the reality of knowing the result, but I know I really studied. I hope and pray It's already my time to pass....
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  3. by   CECE,RN
    Do the "pearson trick" and you'll know, that's what I did. Try to re-register for Pearson, if they let you pay bad news, but if they tell you there is an existing account in your name, get ready to celebrate because you passed.Good Luck, it works!
  4. by   luvahmi
    You mean I will make a new account?
  5. by   luvahmi
    Oh my, they told me, an account already existed! I just hope it's true, maybe one of the signs, I just hope so..
  6. by   caliotter3
    Wishing you good luck.
  7. by   mamaRN-09
    Check out the thread about the Pearson "trick" it explains everything you need to do and what it should say when you try to register. I wish you the best of luck. =)
  8. by   gianphilippines
    sounds good.. goodluck... congrats in advance