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Hi All, I have just taken the Mosby CAT NCLEX RN predictor online and I'm a little confused by the information it gives you at the end. I answered 75 questions and it gave me a 94% probablity of... Read More

  1. by   Chiefy
    Quote from crb613
    I have a question..I went to purchase the Mosby Cat online version & had to fill out the physcial addy..... Does it come to you through email so you have instant access (p-word)??? I dont have time for it to be mailed. Geezh I look like taking the Nclex...I cant even make an online purchase! :trout: Thanks
    I paid by credit card online and I received an email with the password and test identification. Im not overly impressed with the set up. But I need to do the questions.