Mosby CAT indicator for pass/fail on NCLEX-RN

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm using the Mosby CAT to practice for the Nclex. I'm looking for feedback from others that have used or using Mosby CAT. Was this a great indicator for your pass/fail on the Nclex, if so what was your % on these tests? I graduated in Dec 06 and I want to take the nclex soon. Thanks for any info and I absolutely LOVE ALLNURSES
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  3. by   Vich
    I just took the NCLEX this morning and consistently scored 99% passing on the CAT. With a difficulty level of .387.
    Anyways I left the NCLEX this morning feeling as if the CAT made me over confident. The stuff the CAT tests you on is more physiological and fundamental. While the NCLEX is all weird crap like what has more magnesium in it, beans, or fish. (Not the actual question so dont worry )
  4. by   rn4ever?
    Took the Mosby CAT too a couple of weeks before taking the NCLEX. It said I had a 92% chance of passing---and I really passed!