Meds on NCLEX

  1. Hey girls/guys
    What would you say the most frequent meds on the NCELX are?
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  3. by   gotaluvtheER
    It's been several years, but I had some about insulin, lidocaine, methergine ?sp (the one for uterine atony), and one about the immunization schedule for kids.
  4. by   Nurse-o-Matic
    One of my profs who has written NCLEX questions in the past said we should do an online search for the top 100 most prescribed meds. "Know these well" was her advice for NCLEX.
  5. by   purplemania
    digoxin (always check pulse)
    pitocin and magnesium for OB/gyn
    drugs with food/drug interactions (digoxin, zyvox, tetracyline, coumadin, lithium, etc)
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    I've added it to my favorites... suspect I'll be spending a few hours at that site!

    still waiting for the darned ATT....

  8. by   fairyprincess2003
    Thank you
    you are all very sweet
    Wish me luck I test on Monday, and I graduated last may 2003 with my BSN...have been in school ever since for bio and chem but very nervous about the boards bc I finished last year!! We shall see
  9. by   zambezi
    I didn't have any on my test
  10. by   fairyprincess2003
    That is interesting zambi
    It is so up in the air, bc some people I talked to got a ton of priority questions, therapeutic communication, etc(which I do every well in), but then others got a ton of maternity, peds, etc...I am terrible at maternity. I never did a rotation there and I always seemed to resist the subject. Now watch with my luck it will be all maternity!!!
  11. by   labrador4122
    Quote from noeljan222
    Hey girls/guys
    What would you say the most frequent meds on the NCELX are?

    I can't say that, but in my experience with the test.... I didn't recognize any!!!!!!