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  1. by   studybuddy01
    Quote from oguesswhat
    Out of curiosity for you May testers. When did you apply for the test in the first place? As in how long did it take you to get the letter saying you can sign up for the test? And how long after you got that was your test date? A few weeks? A month? I am just curious I just signed up last week for the initial sign up and was wondering when I will get to actually take my test (my teacher said something about July or Aug! I was hoping more for end of May to June)

    I just applied Tuesday 20th April, and received my ATT the day after, going to take test end May, in MN.
  2. by   studybuddy01
    Quote from runningnaruto
    how many people attend the Kplan review class, and how much did it help? Is it really necessary to take Kplan?
    What is Kplan?
  3. by   studybuddy01
    Quote from kind-hearted08
    I'll be taking mines on May 14th. I took Kaplan I think that it is a good review course for strategies. I also did HURST which is a good review for content. God's speed everyone!!!
    What is the HURST?
    I have been reviewing from NCLEX incredibly easy Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins.
  4. by   kind-hearted08
    HURST is a content review. You should check out the website or google HURST Review and it should come up. I liked the review if you are weak in content, its a good review. As for Kaplan, it doesn't focus of content it focuses on strategy, Kaplan teaches you how to break a question down to get the right answer!
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    Quote from dimples4321
    This is a new thread, it does say May 09 nclex support group! Does it Not!
    Only because I moved posts from last years thread to this a new one
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    Quote from elainejsteele
    What is the HURST?
    I have been reviewing from NCLEX incredibly easy Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins.
    Has anyone out there used this review, what were your thoughts, and most importantly, did you pass with it?
    Another one I have is Morrison Media Nclex secret study guide, with flashcards.
  7. by   caliotter3
    Wishing good luck to all May test takers.
  8. by   AllSmiles225
    I'm taking my NCLEX-PN exam for the first time on May 5th. I'm realllyyyyy nervous. I just graduated March 27th. I wish everyone the best of luck!
  9. by   dimples4321
    Quote from Silverdragon102
    Only because I moved posts from last years thread to this a new one

    Oh ok thanks Silverdragon102
  10. by   dimples4321
    I will be taking my exam in May as well. Repeat test taker, so i know that im gonna pass this time.
  11. by   AllSmiles225
    Since tomorrow is May 1st, just wanted to wish everyone testing in the month of May good luck on their tests. You will be in my thoughts on May 5th while I am sitting for my first exam. Hope we will all be licensed nurses at the end of May!!
  12. by   michelle.laree
    I received my ATT on the 23 and took my test on the 29th. I received quick results this morning. I wanted to get all over with as quick as possible.
    I come from a school that is not even fully accrediated because our pass rates are not great. It was not as bad as people make it sound. Do not get me wrong; You probably should be studying until a day or 2 before the exam.
    Nick Knacks can be a bunch of things. Where I come from we used it for trinkets and small toys (ex: little figurines).
  13. by   moleskine44
    i'll be taking my FIRST NCLEX RN Exam on May 22nd at 2PM. I am studying for a month now. Im scared and nervous about this but i know everybody does. I am not that confident since i get low scores on Question trainers. But i do believe the Big Guy up there will help me go through this. Godbless to all who will take the exam.
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