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  1. I am so proud of myself. After many months of struggling with disappointment and defeat over not passing my RN boards, I am making a lot of progress. I completed the entire Saunder's comprehensive review, since I have been out of school for about 2 years, I am reviewing flashcards I made along the way, and I am better understanding quetions and answers/rationales from internet sites and books. Today was the first day after a review session that I actually felt like I could sit for that exam and pass with flying colors! This motiates me to continue tomorrow! :wink2:
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  3. by   Nursing28
    Journnee, I feel you on this one. I failed boards in July 06. What I did different this time was I too studied the whole Saunder's comprehensive book for content and did all the questions in there. Then I went to get the Saunder's Q&A book (3rd edition). I did the whole book and went over it again. In that book it came along w/a CD. There is a "content review" that tested you on all the system. I did it all. The CD had 5000 questions. Each day I would do one section at a time. Sometimes I would do 2 section but it gets tiring. Along w/the questions I did, I had my notebook which I would write notes. After finishing all that, I went over my notes for two days. Well I took NCLEX this last Monday and found out that I passed today. The funniest thing is that when I sat for boards, I thought it was easy. I mean there were times when it got hard but not as bad as the first time around. I thought it was easy to the point where I thought I failed. Anyhow, best luck and continue to study cuz at the end, it is truly rewarding!!!!!!
  4. by   Queen2u
    28, thank you so much for your reply. That gives me so much hope. And congratulations on becomming a !
  5. by   hlfpnt
    Good luck to you, Journnee!
  6. by   DolphinRN84
    Good luck to you!!
  7. by   RNKay31
    Wishing you the very best
  8. by   EricJRN
    Good work, Journnee! Keep it up!
  9. by   blessed1702
    You're doing excellent and you have a great attitude about it. I can relate to nursing28, I thought I failed (3rd time) because the questions seemed too easy (even though I had all 265). Don't give up we all have faith in you at!