Lippincott vs. saunders for NCLEX RN- failed the 1st time

  1. Hello! I have been studying for my nclex rn. I am not sure if Lippincott or Saunders would be more helpful. I have been taking practice questions from Saunders, but I also heard people say great things about Lippincott. I want to stay focus and study using one resource so I can be consistent with my studying. I messed up the first attempt and failed with 265 questions. I used many different resources and got overwhelmed with my studying and didn't know which ones to focus on. I have been trying to study again and this time I really want to stay focus and minimize my resources. Could someone please tell me which one is better to study off- Saunders or Lippincott? Or what is the best resources? I really want to pass this second this time around. It has been so stressful...

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  3. by   caliotter3
    Look at both resources with a critical eye and choose the one that looks better to you. People can only give you opinions on what worked for them, not what will work for you. You need to make that decision. Either resource will get you to a pass, if you study diligently. Good luck.
  4. by   Wsmith16
    Which Lipincot are you refering too. Nclex 3500 or the NCLEX review book?