Kaplan's Q-Bank

  1. I am currently taking Kaplan's complete course and my Q-bank scores have been ranging from 50%-60%. Is this really low?? Is there anyone here who had almost the same percentages on his/her Q-bank scores and passed the NCLEX with flying colors anyway? I know they require at least 60% and above on the Q-Bank, but I haven't finished reviewing the material from the course book yet so I guess my scores will go higher when I do get done studying the content. But what do you guys think? What are my chances?
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  3. by   jess2007
    don't panic. i have the same scores. just try to understand Qs and their rationales. stay positive. and keep practicing Qs.
  4. by   iel21
    i have the same prob. i'm starting on the q-bank and my score is in the low 40's. that wasn't so good. but they say that your scores will improve as you go on with the review. goodluck to us!