kaplan question trainer/ nclex mar 15th help

  1. I am doing the question trainer in kaplan and I am getting mid 60s %, (their reccomended passing range) however the analysis and application breakdown part, I am getting 100%. Has anyone done these question trainers, I am nervous, Am I prepared? I am doing 100 quetsions every day/ will I be ready, any tips
    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Sheri257
    Scores in the '60s with Kaplan are great. Hell, I had a friend who scored in the '40s and she still passed.

    You can't pay too much attention to Kaplan scores. They tell you if you score below 65 percent you've got to go back and do more review. But, when you look up the questions you got wrong ... it turns out a lot of the answers weren't even in the review.

    To me, it's more important to understand the questions and keep practicing than placing too much emphasis on the scores themselves.

  4. by   dalegirl
    Thank you, I appreciate your reply. Yes I agree, it is more important to understand.
  5. by   onduty23
    why are you do so poorly on the comprehension level yet scoring 100% on the two highest level?
  6. by   dalegirl
    I dont know really, my scores are anywhere from 55%-80% . All Ican do is keep practicing questions, hopefully it will help me pass, any tips are appreciated:spin:
  7. by   onduty23
    my tip is dont focus on your score so much. i was getting at times 55 percent on ncsbn site yet i passed nclex.
  8. by   dalegirl
    Thats encouraging, I am also doing the ncbsn course, the questions are very difficult, I am scoring in the 50-60s. I review all the answers, my school said to remember that they write the boards, what do you think?
  9. by   onduty23
    i dont know when i took my boards i was like how do these folks write the boards but i am struggling to answer these questions on my nclex. but i pass nonetheless. you have all best sources i see kaplan and ncsbn and were scoring pretty much how i was so i have no doubt you'll pass. i suggest making flash card of your lab values.
  10. by   Sheri257
    Quote from onduty23
    why are you do so poorly on the comprehension level yet scoring 100% on the two highest level?
    I could easily see that happening with Kaplan. IMO, it's one of the flaws in their material because it makes you think you missed something when you didn't.

    As I previously mentioned, a lot of content in their questions is not mentioned in their review. Quite frankly, I didn't see that content in any other NCLEX guides or nursing school for that matter.

    But, if you're following the test taking strategies and learning how to game the test well ... then you could do better at the higher levels.

    Ultimately it doesn't matter how you're getting that content as long as you are getting it. Content I didn't see anywhere else but those questions ended up on on the NCLEX.

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  11. by   emtukey
    hi everyone! i will be sitting for nclex in march 14. everyday i take about 150 questions from saunders book and my scores range from 70-80%..i am not sure if i am ready for the exam..do you think that will be enough or should i strive more..my anxiety is really escalating..i hope you guys can give me some advice to calm me down..thanks in advance!!
  12. by   emtukey
    goodluck to us!!! May God bless us this 14th and 15th!!
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  13. by   jasmin10
    don't worry about your kaplan scores. i focused on the q-bank because the question trainer is too long. i did about 200 questions (4 -50 questions using the q-bank). my scores ranged from 60-80%... what is important is going over your errors and understanding it. i passed my nclex using kaplan questions.
  14. by   tabymac
    Hey dalegirl,
    I just passed my nclex this week and I did question trainer 1 - 44% and question trainer 3 - 51% I didn't do any more because I felt like I wasn't learning - I focused on Qbank where you can do tutor mode and see the rationales immediately. If you are getting in the 60's on question trainer that is excellent - my highest was 51% and I passed my NCLEX in 78 questions!!!
    you'll be fine!