Kaplan QBank 58% is that okay score to pass NCLEX RN? Help please

  1. Advice please
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  3. by   BouBou
    What about Qtrainers?
  4. by   AlainRN
    Quote from BouBou
    What about Qtrainers?
    QT 1-63
    I still working on QT 5,6 and 7
    Thanks for ask
  5. by   BouBou
    I think your scores are progressing nicely. Keep on working.
  6. by   70east
    yes your scores look good! i would also recommend PDA by la charity
  7. by   itsdebraanne
    Quote from AlainRN
    QT 1-63
    I still working on QT 5,6 and 7
    Thanks for ask
    I don't mean to freak you out, i'm just being real. first off let me say, Kaplan wants you to score at least 60% on QT 6 and 7 and all QBank TIMED (not tutored) tests because they are written at the application/analysis level. these are the passing level questions, if you didn't know already.
    High 50s are good, but 60s are better. 60s keep you ABOVE the passing standard with room for error, meaning you can get some wrong and still be above the passing standard. 50s don't leave you much room for error.
    QT 1-5 need to be at least 65%.

    Your scores from QT 1-4 are decreasing. 63>65>60>55. maybe long tests are burning you out? idk but its okay tho! this is normal. and like i said high 50s are good!! just keep taking long tests and you will build your tolerance!

    If I may quote @St_Claire, she shared with me some tips from Kaplan and I've gotten a lot better in my quizzes (granted i've been studying my butt off since february):

    • Lab values will be presented as very high or very low from normal ranges. (Kaplan and NCLEX)
    • You are expected to miss about half the questions. (Kaplan and NCLEX)
    • The more SATA questions you see (during the NCLEX) the better you are doing because those are higher level questions that keep you above the line. (Kaplan QT6 and 7 and all QBank questions are passing level questions.)
    • If you can get the first 6 right you will stay way above the line. (getting 6 in a row correct on the Kaplan practice tests is reflective of being "way above the NCLEX passing standard")
    • On the NCLEX, if you get a question very similar to one you have already answered stop and think a little more before you answer, the test is trying to clarify that you know it so you may have answered incorrectly before. (Kaplan practice tests are not CATs - computer adaptive tests. You're given random passing level questions.)

    SLOW DOWN, BREATHE, and THINK. good luck! <3
  8. by   jbeanmi
    I am still 1 month away from testing but here are my scores so far:

    Diagnostic - 61%
    QT1 - 56%
    QT2 - 59%
    QT3 - 53%
    QT4 - 59%
    QT5 - 63%

    Sample NCLEX-RN 1 - 48%
    Sample NCLEX-RN 2 - 54%
    Sample NCLEX-RN 3 - 80%
    Sample NCLEX-RN 4 - 28% (this was a bank of 50 alternate answer questions!!!!)

    Finished all of Qbank with 59% overall

    What do you all think????
  9. by   chicagonurse89
    You are prob ok for the NCLEX, but a little more studying never hurt! Try something casual like a mobile app or game to make the final stretch a little more fun
  10. by   Kuyafern
    I've also asked others about the Kaplan scores, and you know what they tell me? DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE SCORES. So I didn't. I completed the Qbank to a 100 percent and average score of 58% I'm not saying you should slack off, but what I'm saying to you is focus on how you tackle each question and how you apply the decision tree. I can't remember Qtrainers 1-5 they were around low to high 50's. QT 6 was 60 and QT 7 was 58. My readiness was 65.

    Dont worry about your scores, read the rationales after doing a portion and it doesn't hurt to write down notes. I took the exam this May 7th and found out yesterday morning i passed. You can read my nclex journey around here somewhere. "NCLEX RN; the day and the preparation - Foreign Grad"

    ood luck on your review!
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  11. by   norb8456
    I take NCLEX-RN on thursday June 6 at 8am. I AM ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED!!! I graduated on May 17 and just finished the Kaplan course last week. These are my scores....

    Diagnostic- 67
    Qtrainer 1- 69
    Qtrainer 2- 65
    Qtrainer 3- 53
    Qtrainer 4- 65
    Qtrainer 5- 63
    Qtrainer 6- 64
    Qtrainer 7- 61
    Readiness- 63

    I have done 34% of the qbank questions with an average score of 56%. What do you guys think? Am I ready should I reschedule?!

  12. by   bridg0809
    My scores for Kaplan are
    Q trainer 1-61
    Q trainer 2-67
    Q trainer 3-56
    Q trainer 4-62
    Q trainer 5-61
    Readiness 72
    Q-bank - 60% and have done about 80% of the bank so far & I am going to complete 6 & 7 this week. I am testing in 8 days. Our scores are similar. I think you should feel good with your scores.
  13. by   norb8456
    Thank you so much! You deff. put me at ease some I will let you know it goes! Best of luck to you as well!!!
  14. by   bridg0809
    Yes please do & thank you!!! Are you going to taker the day off tomorrow from studying?