Kaplan Flip-O-Matic Flashcards

  1. Anybody tried them? Is there any pharmacology in them? Waste, or worth it? Thanks,

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  3. by   presC.
    hi wendy,
    i just saw that Kaplan Flip-O-Matic Flashcards at our local bookstore, got the chance to browse it. yes, there's pharmacology and it's helpful and if ever you got the money/budget to buy one.. why not.for me it's a good investment.
    but, since it's very costly here in our place i just made a flash cards "pharmacology" using index cards. and now, i got plenty of compiled medications frequently used in the exam. pretty practical for me.
    hope this helps.
  4. by   ManyRN2B
    Mosby's just came out with a new Pharm flip book with mnemonics etc. I bought it and really like it. Here it is...


    It has the most common used drugs. It's in color and on the back of each card, it gives the drug interactions, mech of action, indications,adverse effects...etc...


    LIke I said, I'm a sucker for books!!!!
  5. by   EyesForward
    I ended up doing my usual overspending on Amazon, and got the flip book, along with two other books! Thanks, guys.
  6. by   peruviannurse25
    I am currently reviewing for the NCLEX RN exam on the BON website. Do you get alot of the review questions right. I feel like a bone head, because I am anwering 110 out of 150 right. Is that normal?
  7. by   ManyRN2B

    Your like me with books. The flip chart by Mosby's is really good and you won't be disappointed. I also bought another book yesterday from Amazon. Shame on me!!!!

    It's called NCLEX RN101 by Syliva Rayfield. Great book! Tons of critical thinking questions.