Just took the NCLEX

  1. I just took the NCLEX RN. I feel like I knew nothing. I had 75 questions. Of those 2 were math, 8 were SATA, and 1 was drag and drop. I used Kaplan and Linda Lacharity's delegation book. Most of my test seemed to be prioritization. I know there is no way to predict so these next 24 to 48 hrs are going to be grueling:uhoh21:
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  3. by   dimples4321
    I feel ur pain, what state did u take the exam in? and good luck!
  4. by   lilaclady
    Hi Congrats on taking the test and you can reduce your anxiety by using the pearsonvue trick. All the best.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Good luck and I promise you it is normal to come away feeling as if you knew nothing
  6. by   sandiesown
    Just took the Nclex-RN this am. Scheduled for 8am started at 7:45am, lasted until 10am. I had 150 questions and it shut off. I don't feel good about this exam. I am a transition student, who is going from LPN-RN. I had about 5 sata, tons of priority, 3 correct order sequence, lots of delegation, lots of manager of care, lots of pt teaching, about 15 pharmacology, 3 dosage calculations. I know that I am going to have to retake this exam. I just tried this 'pearson-trick" it gave me a pop-up that said, "this client already has a open registration for this exam, a new one can not be opened at this time.?????? What in the world does that pop-up mean??? Thanks for any info, support and LOTS OF PRAYERS!!!!
  7. by   NewmanFamily6
    I took it in VA. I really want to know so I can have relief!
  8. by   lilac22
    I hope we passed!!! Can't wait to see the results. Good luck!! Did you do the "trick?"
  9. by   sugaNspice
    Good luck! My prayers are with you both. Keep us posted
  10. by   caliotter3
    Wishing both of you good luck.