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Just took my NCLEX-RN - 75 questions, No Math, 11 SATA, A lot of priority, some teaching and infection control What do you think? I'm nervous... Read More

  1. by   NURSING961
    same thing with me..i had a lot of SATA< Infection control, priority,no med calcs, and no OB,
    did the pearson thing and the pop up came up saying i couldnt register again
  2. by   lilaclady
    Lil mama could you please let me know if Kaplan was a good guide for the exam you took today. Thanks a lot and congrats on completing the exam.
  3. by   Lil_Mama4sho1
    lilaclaudy Kaplan I don't know. Nothing was really close to that test in my opinon. But Kaplan's stratgies and practicing the questions is what helped the most. Learning to prioritize which Kaplan helps stregthen those skills helped. Just do as many questions and read rationales. That test was weird I did not think it was too easy nor too hard. I thought it was fair but I really don't know I'm still waiting for my results
  4. by   yvtsmps6
    I wish everyone who recently took the test gods richest blessings. How soon does the pearson vue trick work?
  5. by   hopingtobeanRNsoon
    i had 83 pr 84 questions i think...only 5 SATA's (i expected more), about 6 - 8 meds, couple of infection control, and maybe 2 OBs, but the internal radiation topic kept coming up...when i was in my late 60's questions the priority questions just kept coming one after the other. i dont know i tried the pearsonvue trick and it didnt let me go to the credit care page and i got the pop up...i dont know i really feel like i failed right after i am not sure about my answer but i had alot of med surg questions...
  6. by   newidea123
    excuse me, did you mentioned something about internal radiation?, plz fill me in since i'm not aware of what you talking about, thanks and i pray you pass.
  7. by   Maebell1925
    Any word on whether you passed? I found out yesterday that I did and it was my 4th attempt. I am excited and no longer beating myself up over not passing the first time. A nurse is a nurse.
    Keep me posted on your results.
  8. by   cubano30
    Hi Maebell1925,

    I wish you much luck. May I ask what you did differently to prepare this 4th time. If you used a book or cd how did you use it to prepare how many questions per day for how much time in total?
  9. by   Maebell1925
    You asked the magic question! One of my colleagues who was also unsuccessful on boards called and suggested Hurst Review. The overwhelming difference is that Hurst Review focuses on the 'core content' and not just testing strategy. We both had taken Kaplan and utilized the strategies but the connections were not there as opposed to Hurst Review. I completed the Online Review ($300) and I wish I had known about Hurst in nursing school - it would have helped me with understanding the material and not memorizing. I recommend Hurst Review hands down.

    What else did I do to study: completed every question in Silverstri Q&A - took about 2 weeks; completed drug dosage calculation questions - about 10 a day - just to take the edge off at work during my breaks - completed the online review for Hurst. Did have to take at least 1 day off a week or I was going to go crazy - but otherwise about 15 days before test listened to Hurst videos and completed the worksheets. Oh, yes, - I also studied up until the last minute of the test and did not work for 9 days before test! You must do what works for you and what works for me is keeping my brain engaged.

    Good luck and when do you plan to take NCLEX?

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