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......And feeling very nervous. My computer shut off at 75 and, while it was not easy, it didn't seem as hard as the nclex-pn that I took in August and passed with 85 questions. Maybe because I knew... Read More

  1. by   IhopeIPASSED!
    Hello All! I'm new to this site and stumbled upon it while searching the computer as I wait in agony for my results. I tool my NCLEX-RN and haven't been able to relax since then. I replay the questions in my head and try to think of what level of difficulty I may have been at, but that just depressed me. I had some priority, but not as many as I thought I would, who to see first, who to discharge, who's at most risk for what, infection control, labs,what would MOST concern te nurse, one math, 2-3 select all that apply, and a couple med questions. I hope most of the one's I got wrong are the experimental ones! I'm a wreck and cant wait until the mail comes tomorrow. My state (Hawaii) doesn't participate in pearsonvue quick results, which makes these next days even worse. Everyone is being very supportive of me, but I won't feel any better until I get that envelope. My test shut off at 75 questions and I'm hoping that's good for me!

    Any Comforting words?
  2. by   pink angel
    Continue praying. I think you did well. I hope you pass it too.
  3. by   CyndieRN2007
    Three hours left on my cruise....might as well be 30. The wait has been maddening. This for sure was worse than the wait for the results from NCLEX-PN boards! Arrrghgh!:uhoh21:
  4. by   sistrmoon
    I keep refreshing the site. I wonder how good they are about actually posting the results 48 hours later or if there's going to be even more agony? I don't think I can make myself sleep or do anything except refresh that window repeatedly anymore.

  5. by   red_baron
    I Passed! wheeew, so relieved.
  6. by   sistrmoon

    me too

  7. by   Beena11
    Red baron: I took the exam yesterday morning and the description you gave of your exam sounds exactly like mine-75 questions, some priority and what would you do next and a good amount of infection control. It is annoying we have to spend the weekend still stressed, but hopefully on monday it will all be worth the agonizing wait.

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  8. by   Liberty2007
    Just got my results too and I passed! Congrats to all my new fellow RN's!!!!
  9. by   Beena11
    Congratualtions Liberty!
  10. by   red_baron
    Beena you can check it tomorrow ( sat) for your results. the "2 business days pearson gives you is a general guideline, i know lots of people that took it on a thursday and by 12 on saturday knew their results. I hope you dont have to wait that long, and im pretty sure you passed. hang in there, keep yourself busy. I went to miniclip.com and played web games all day long yesterday.
  11. by   lawsonnic
    Took the NCLEX this morning and have no idea if I passed or failed. It was hard. Many meds and prioritizing questions. Had 75 questions and it shut off. Took me one hour and twenty minutes. Now the agonizing wait and since I took it on Friday I have to wait through the weekend. :uhoh21:
  12. by   Beena11
    Red baron-Thank you for the info. I will check tomorrow, I thought it was bussiness days. I almost dont want to check-I am so nervous. Thank you for the vote of confidence, I need it.
    Good luck lawsonnic.
  13. by   onduty23

    took my test it was harddddddddddddddddd. i did nsbn site and after the test i felt i got rob of my 50 bucks. the question today was on another level. i am hoping for the best but deep down i feel i funked it