Just found out I fail

  1. I'm over it I took NCLEX for the fourth time I just find out that I fail it again I don't know what else to do
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  3. by   LuvCash
    Keep pushing and don't give up. Pray and pray again. The thought study over again is exhausting but give yourself sometime to regroup and go hard again.
  4. by   Coco2345
    Don't give up!!! Take it until you pass. Once you pass you will never ya e to take it again!
  5. by   hopetopassnclex
    Quote from Nadee14
    I'm over it I took NCLEX for the fourth time I just find out that I fail it again I don't know what else to do
    Sorry to hear you failed the 4th time. Please post what your study materials and whatever you did to prepare in the previous 4 exams you took, that will give people here the idea on what advice to give you. All the best.
  6. by   RedInPurple
    Sorry to hear...
    How did you study for it and what was your strategy?
    What was your school's pass rate at the time of your graduation?
    How was your GPA in relation to your classmates?
    Is English your second language?
    Do you have anxiety problems?
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  7. by   RedInPurple
    Study Materials used?
    Hours per day of study?
  8. by   dferreria
    Do you have trouble taking tests? Are you using the practice classes and exams offered to help you get in the right question answering mode? Have you looked closely at why you are not passing?

    Don't give up. It's hard to keep taking it but once you get it passed, you are done, and the world is at your fingertips. I am a 62 yo RN, my daughter is a 32 yo nursing student, my mom and sister were nurses.....it is a profession that accommodates you, there is so much out there to get involved in. Don't give up! You will so appreciate it when you pass it, and you will pass it maybe not the next time, but the next time! I know how hard it will be if my daughter doesn't pass however many times she takes it, but I know she will keep trying, that's just what we do, until we succeed. Attitude is everything!
  9. by   Nadee14
    Thank you
  10. by   Nadee14
    I did Kaplan also I did ready to pass reviews live class
  11. by   Nadee14
    Thank you very much
  12. by   Nadee14
    3 hours per day and also Kaplan and ready to pass
  13. by   Nadee14
    I have anxiety and yes English is my second language
  14. by   RedInPurple
    Kaplan is good. Did you do in class sessions?
    It would make sense to contact someone from Kaplan. During the in-class sessions, the Kaplan teacher typically gives you her/his card... use it. You paid for it.

    See a doc about anxiety.

    If English is your second language maybe find another second language person who has passed.

    Passed NCLEX on 2nd try - ESL speaker
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