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i tried the pearson vue trick trick and i got a window that said "the candidate has an open registration for this exam. a new registration cannot be created at this time" did i pass? this is my 2nd... Read More

  1. by   nyguynurse
    yeah we do but its 48 business hrs hopefully its up tomorrow but i may have to wait til monday
  2. by   noahsmama
    Quote from nursedreamjob
    i know im hoping PVT is 100% true...do you guys have 48 hour quick results? i live in cali so i have to wait a grueling 2-4 weeks!
    Check the CA BON's license verification database online. Typically your name will be added to this database within 3-4 days of passing. Also, when I passed 3 years ago I got my mailed results in 1.5 weeks.
  3. by   nursedreamjob
    even if you havent paid for your license fee yet your name would still be on that website?
  4. by   futurern34
    Good luck!!
  5. by   46oldnewrn
    Seriously???? There is no Pearson view trick. You either passed the darn test or you didn't. Don't mean to be so cynical, but really.......
  6. by   nursedreamjob
    its not a trick to make you pass ............ its a trick to FIND OUT if you passed.....it has been proven
  7. by   cclear2020
    I am feeling grateful for not having to go through this self-rigger of worry. My hope is that everybody who meets the minimum, passes!! good luck and to those with thoughts of failing, try some positive self talk for longer than your negative talk. you passed nursing school (much harder and longer than the nclex), you studied for the nclex, you are smart enough, etc..
  8. by   lcd65
    Did my nclex rn on feb 19th too. I got the good pop up but will only relax when I see the word "pass"! Checked as many threads as possible and it seems that Pearson vue post results 7 days a week and our results will be available tomorrow (Sunday). I just wZnt to go to sleep and wake up in the morning but am too stressed to sleep . Good luck to you all!!
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