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I just completed my NCLEX RN exam. It shut off at 75 questions.I don't know what to think about it. I had a lot of who would you see first, which patient would you transfer and which phone call would... Read More

  1. by   tjhemtrn2b
    Quote from PennyLane
    I just took the NCLEX. It also shut off after 75 questions. I was getting higher-level questions for the most of the second half, so I feel OK about my score, but it was HARD. I had 6-7 'choose all that apply'.

    To top it off I woke up with a fever this a.m., plus a wicked headache and a cough. I feel AWFUL. I was getting chills and sweats in the testing center.

    I have to work tomorrow so that should keep my mind off the waiting.
    I felt the same way...75 questions, really hard ones! I just found out I passed so hang in there!! Good luck!