I've failed the NCLEX RN

  1. I've failed 5x and am preparing to work with a tutor 1:1. This has been such a hard process, trying to work, kids, and focus. I thought I would be at a different place in my life, but here I am still plugging along. Please, can anyone help me? It's been hard seeing everyone pass their board and now I'm the only one left. I don't have anyone to talk to about this, but I know I have to do it! At this point I only have my kids for support, but I'm a strong person. I know content, but I guess I need help with test taking. I need a good study plan or some very good advice.
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  3. by   cmseals
    What programs have you tried? I used NCSBN Learning Extension - E-Learning for the Nursing Community. The website is learningext.com. This is also not as expensive as some of the others. It is around 50 dollars for 3 week. This program helped me out a lot. Good luck.
  4. by   ghillbert
    Have you been to a review class/course? I found it helpful with strategies to understand what the question was asking, as well as how to select the best answer. I did not learn "NCLEX style" questions at school as I did my nursing degree overseas, but I was able to pass with the one-day review course and lots of independent study with Saunders book (mostly doing questions on the CD and reviewing WHY certain answers were right OR wrong).
  5. by   PLZHLP
    I'm currently unemployed so everything has been so expensive. I did a Kaplan review course at first and then I tried a tutor, but it I was focused on. I'm starting with a new tutor next week and its a 1:1 class, so that's inspirational and she has an extensive background.
  6. by   Korleone
    i think plzhlp, you just need to dedicated your self on 1 book like saunders, read that page to page maybe 1 month or 2, then answer the c.d start on review mode, after you finish all the questions in c.d try test mode, see if you can get 75 percent by then you should know. now move to higher level, kaplan... just get the kaplan qbank. answer 100 a day, take notes how the questions is asking. MOst, assessment, u will eventually get the nclex style questions. by the time you are sitting on your exam, it's just like you are reviewing.. thats what i did, i didn't graduate as a high student but a average and a drunkard. lol.heheh .i manage to pass after sitting and putting 6 hours or more a day..
  7. by   Kickboxer
    plzhlp, don't be discouraged! We are only human, we make mistake. Keep pushing and you will eventually succeed. Have you tried Hurst Review or Virtual ATI? I actually used 4 things including the Suanders Book and Kaplan. I focused for at least 2 1/2 months straight. I mostly used the Suanders book to review and the NCLEX to take the practice quizes. I wish you the best of luck! Be positive and I know you pass! Trust me I failed my RN comprehensive ati my last sem. of school, but that didn't discouraged, I studied my butt off to show my instructor that I can make it and I did.
  8. by   starz6666
    I would definitely recommend a 1 on 1 thing with an experienced nursing professor. I have failed 3 times since 2007 and that is what I am doing. It has helped my scores tremendously (going from getting like 40% right to 65-70% right in about a year). I don't know if the practicing questions has helped or her explaining different areas of content, but she has helped a lot. I am taking the test for the 4th time in July and I am praying every single day that I will pass and I believe that I will this time! I came very close last time (got 265 and failed, I have heard that is basically as close to passing as you can get without actually passing). Anyway, DO NOT give up. You got through school and even though it doesn't seem like it now, that was the toughest part, for sure. I think that the 1 on 1 will help you because he/she will give you the attention that you need and they will figure out what areas you need the most help in. Like I said, don't give up, you can (and you will) pass! Everything happens for a reason...Good luck!
  9. by   caliotter3
    I think you are taking a good step by going with another tutor. Study as if you had not tested before and give yourself enough time. But most of all, don't give up. You already have shown that you are persistent. Keep on being persistent and you will pass. We are sending positive thoughts your way.
  10. by   PLZHLP
    I really want to say thank you to all those that replied!! For those in this situation it's hard to stay motivated sometimes and only nurses truly understand what we go through. I guess I just needed a support system even if I can't see you. I really needed that! I start with my tutor in 5 days and I'm so excited, I can't wait to test again.
  11. by   PLZHLP
    Thank you and I wish you all the luck in taking your board next month. I have faith and confidence in you. At this point in my life my motto is "If at first you don't succeed try-try-again!"
  12. by   mmims
    Good luck, and don't give up. I am in the same situation as you. Being on here and reading other post has given me the courage to try again.
  13. by   PLZHLP
    I know, the conversations gave me motivation. Its hard for outsiders to understand what we go through, so its nice to be able to bond with people who feel our pain.
  14. by   yesdog
    Don't let failing make you feel like less of a person. Work on building your confidence before taking it again. Keep telling yourself "when I pass" not "if I pass". You can do it! Good Luck!