it's getting closer ... and im getting more scared

  1. my exam is in 2weeks ... im super scared ... i did not tell any of my family, i just told my husband, so that i won't get stressed ... today, my dad is arriving in vegas from the philippines, i want to spend time with him, but i live in LA and i want to focus on my review ... i just hope i pass the exam so i will have good news for my dad when i see him ...

    and also, i really don't want to be the first one who will fail using suzzane's plan ... i don't want her to be disappointed
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  3. by   hopingtobeanRNsoon
    good luck my dear! i too studied from the philippines but im now in the u.s. planning to take mine may or june
  4. by   caliotter3
    Wishing you good luck.
  5. by   firefly86
    Dont worry too much I know its easier to say this hey relax You gotta give yourself credit. You have came this far and believe me I was just like you I think now I believe we make it harder than it really is. Because yes it is an important test but really just think like it is another test and believe you will do good. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Very important. Believe in your self and do what you gotta do as far as family. I wish you the best of luck and remember be positive and say to yourself I can do this I will pass. It works I passed my lpn. I took my test march 7 2009 and just got results. Good luck!